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    Marriage and Its Discontents Divorce in the United States

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    How to choose a divorce lawyer

    The institution of marriage in the United States is embroiled in controversy. In particular, the issue over gay marriage is drawing fierce cultural divides between those who have alternative definitions of marriage, both in society and according to the law. There has never been a time in U.S. history in which marriage rights have been so scrutinized and partisan. No matter what side you are on in that debate (assuming you have an opinion on the matter), it is important to understand a few things about marriage in the U.S. as it currently stands.

    In short, marriage in America is going through dicey times. Nearly 50% of all marriages wind up in divorce court. Every 13 seconds, a couple in the U.S. files for divorce. Interestingly (although not surprisingly), Nevada has the highest rate of di

    Meeting with an Injury Attorney for the First Time? Don’t Forget to Ask These Three Questions

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    Prison abuse attorney

    Most people are familiar with personal injury attorneys who cover cases following incidents such as car accidents or medical malpractice suits. However, there are other events that may require the assistance of an injury attorney — some of which may surprise you. For instance, police misconduct is an issue that many people face today, and some of these encounters can have serious consequences. Some people even face injuries at the hands of law enforcement officers who are supposed to be protecting them.

    If you have had an incident involving police misconduct or brutality, prison abuse, or other issues surrounding infringement on your legal rights, you may need to speak with an attorney to get