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    A Small Ode to the Family Lawyer

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    If you are facing the dissolution of a marriage, then you need to hire a family lawyer, especially if there are children involved. We know that this is a daunting task and that nobody in this situation wants to start thinking about alimony, child custody, or the separation of assets right away. However, we hope you take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company; 10% of the population is going through or has gone through a divorce, and nearly 1.5 million children come from what we so derisively culturally dub “broken homes.” What’s more, hiring a family lawyer soon

    How to Find a Trustworthy Divorce Lawyer in the Toms River Area

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    Child support
    In the best case, divorce can be a mutual agreement reached when a couple drifts too far apart; in the worst case, divorce can break hearts and tear families apart. Finding a local lawyer in the Toms River area is easy, finding a local lawyer that you can trust to look out for the needs of you and your family is an entirely different matter. Do your research first before settling on a trusted Toms River divorce lawyer.
    How Does Divorce Happen?
    No one plans on getting a divorce, they just end up happening. There is a 20% likelihood that a first marriage will end within five years; unfortunately that number increases to 33% after ten years — these figures are even higher for second and third marriages. Four out of every five divorces are based on a unilateral decision where one par