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    So You Want To Be A Court Reporter

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    It’s undeniable that the job market today is not what it once was. More and more often, people with similar qualifications find themselves competing with a small number of jobs. Many people find themselves settling for jobs that they’re overqualified for, and not making a livable wage as a result. Furthermore, many people find themselves going to school for years, with thousands of dollars in debt, only to find that they don’t make enough money to pay off that debt or enjoy life at all. These reasons, among others, are why many are seeking out jobs that are somewhat outside the box. These jobs are still very necessary for the public good, and won’t be replaced in the near future. For that matter, these positions can be found anywhere in the country. There are very few skill-based careers that fi

    Have You Been Ticketed for Driving Under the Influence?

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    It seems like a lifetime ago.
    Fortunately, it has been years since the night you received the phone call that your husband had been ticketed with his second DUI. Although you knew that he drank and you sometimes drank together, it suddenly became apparent that his drinking was becoming a problem.
    Both the first and the second time that he was picked up he never even called you. Instead, a phone call to one of his bowling friends produced the ride home he needed from the police station. When he was ticked the first time your husband made it seem like it was no big deal. The police car had been sitting a block from the bowling alley and just picked someone to stop. It was your husband’s turn.
    That’s how he explained it anyway.
    The second offense, however, was a signal that drinking was a probl

    Find the Right Divorce Attorney for Your Situation with these Tips

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    If you are considering filing for divorce, you are definitely not alone. There is a divorce every 36 seconds in the United States. There are also about 2,400 each day, 16,800 of them each week and about 876,000 every year.andnbsp;New research has shown that first marriages end in divorce between 40 and 50% of the time that number jumps to 60% for second marriages. The average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is about nine years. If you think your marriage is headed this way, you need to talk to a divorce attorney to get an idea of what your options are.

    1. Talk to the people in your life whom you trust. Given the number of people who go through divorce every year, the chances are good that you know someone who has been through it. Talk to your friends, fam