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Tightened Laws Crack Down on DUI Offenders

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new dui lawsUtah lawmakers are deciding on what could become the strictest DUI law in the nation. The bill, which passed in the state’s House Law Enforcement Committee, would lower the legal blood-alcohol content for driving from 0.08 to 0.05%.

Bella Dihn-Zarr, vice chairperson of the National Transportation Safety Board, is testifying for the bill.

“I am not here today to stop people from drinking,” she said in a statement to The Salt Lake Tribune. “I am here to stop people from dying.”

Utah joins the ranks of other states which have recently implemented new DUI laws, including Ohio. In the first days of 2017, Governor John Kasich signed “Annie’s Law,” which reduces the 12-month license suspension for first-time offenders if they use ignition interlock systems, breathalyzers that allow a car to start only if the user’s blood-alcohol content is under the legal limit. The law is named after Annie Rooney, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2013.

At this time, more than 1 million people in Ohio have been convicted of driving while impaired. This conviction can not only result in license suspension, but also carries a $250 to $1,000 fine. For accident-free cases in which the offender has no prior record, a DUI attorney can negotiate a plea bargain if the blood-alcohol content is bordering the legal limit of .08%. DUI laws in Ohio cap this limit at .02% for individuals under 21 years old.

While DUI laws by state vary, an attorney will be able to explain the specific rights guaranteed to convicted individuals and the possible measures to limit consequences. For example, a DUI lawyer may be able to challenge a case despite the evidence from a blood-alcohol content test. Attorneys can also use witnesses and video surveillance footage in these challenges. If convicted, the offender could see an impact on future opportunities, including employment status and the ability to obtain a loan.

Nearly 45,000 people in Ohio have faced these consequences more than five times, according the Ohio Department of Public Safety. New DUI laws such as “Annie’s Law” are designed to decrease reckless driving, especially for those already convicted, and avoid the above consequences.

Three Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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Galveston divorce

Nobody gets married thinking that will someday have to face a divorce. For most of us, marriage is something approached with the idea of “forever” in mind — and when we say our vows, we truly do mean them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to want to stick to your vows 10 years down the road, however. Not all marriages work out; this is just a fact of life. Just as relationships break down prior to marriage, they can do the same after marriage. The difference is that a marriage represents not just an emotional and personal contract, but a legal one. This is why, in the case of most divorce, hiring a divorce attorney

6 Tips for Bolstering Your Personal Injury Case

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Car accident settlement central ky

No ones leaves the house thinking they are going to get into a car accident but that is exactly what happens to a lot of people. In 2014, nearly 90 people a day were killed in crashes involving motor vehicles. Another 6,400 people were hurt each day in car accidents. At any given daytime minute, there are about 660,000 people driving while texting, playing with their sound system or paying attention to something other than the road. The main problem with this activity is that when people are distracted, they increase the chances of getting into an accident by a factor of three. If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, you may want to talk to a car accident attorney.

There are some other things you need to do if you are considering a lawsuit. Here are some things you

Seeking Financial Advice? Contact a Litigation Attorney

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Business attorney

Are you searching for a securities or stockbroker fraud lawyer for information or counsel? Litigation attorneys with experience in securities law are aware of the government laws and regulations that pertain to these matters. Depending on your reasons for seeking the services of a securities fraud attorney, you may be interested to know a few details about how they can assist you.

Since a financial advisor attorney is aware of the laws governing investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, they can provide you with investment advice. According to FindLaw

Mass Torts 101 A Short Guide to the History and the Basics of Mass Tort Lawsuits

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Mass tort lawyer

If you keep up to date with large court cases, it’s likely that you’ve heard the terms class action and mas tort, or mass action, lawsuit. While you might hear these terms often, it’s understandable that you might not know exactly what they mean or how they work.
If you want to learn more about mass tort law firms and how these cases came to be, you’re in the right place. Here’s a basic history of mass tort lawsuits, as well as how they function in a court of law.
The Basics
To understand what mass tort means, you need to understand what “tort” means by itself. As much as it might sound like the popular dessert, the spelling is different and the definition is certainly not sweet.

6 Tips to Writing Your Will

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Living trusts

Many American adults have no will or estate in place. When asked, a full 60% say they think that all adults should have a will but only 44% actually do. For people between the ages of 30 and 39, the number of people who have wills drops to 20%, despite the fact that this is the age group where people are starting families. When asked why they do not have a will, 18% said they did not think they needed one, 16% said they thought the process was too complicated, 14% thought it was too expensive and 12% assumed their spouse or children would get any assets they left behind. The good news really is that it is not as complicated as most people assume. Whether you go for legal advice or do it on your own, here are some tips for drafting that will:

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The Basics of Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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legal representativeObtaining a legal representative is a crucial step of taking any sort of legal action. From injury lawyers to divorce lawyers, each attorney specializes in a certain area of the law. For financial matters such as filing for bankruptcy, obtaining a proper legal representative is highly recommended to ensure you’re getting what you deserve.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a complicated matter. There are many pros and cons to consider, all of which can be best understood after obtaining a legal representative. With an attorney, the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is around 95%. But is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy the right move for you? Here are some aspects to consider.

First, according to, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will drastically lower your credit score for the foreseeable future. It can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years. You may also lose some of your luxury possessions, depending on if they’re exempt from sale by the bankruptcy trustee. You will also lose all your credit cards, and it will be almost impossible to get a mortgage.

While filing for Chapter 7 has quite a few negative repercussions, there are also a number of positives to consider. You can break away from most types of debt, and you can keep the wages you earn and the property you buy after you file for Chapter 7. Also, within one to three years you should be able to receive a new line of credit, although there will be much higher interest rates. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can alleviate many of your other financial responsibilities.

Overall, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn’t just a ‘get out of jail free’ type of situation. Your student loans and alimony will never be alleviated, and your credit will be ruined for the next several years. However, it’s also not the end of the world. There are lenders that loan money to ‘bad risks,’ so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get an emergency loan if the need should ever arise.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is certainly a big decision, but the end goal is ultimately to realign your finances in such a way that makes repayment feasible.

Three Reasons Why Becoming a Court Reporter is Becoming an In-Demand Job

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Video court reporting

When many people think of working within the court system, they often think of judges or lawyers. Usually the association with court is a position of power, and many fail to realize that court reporters are quickly becoming a growing position within the sector. In 2012, there were over 20,000 court reporters in the United States alone. Employment for this position is expected to increase at least 10% by the year 2022. Court reporters are an important part of the system, since they take down everything that is going on within a case during a legal trial. These individuals work with a variety of mediums including in-person transcription and even video deposition. Here are three reasons why court reporters are quickly becoming in-demand.

Court Reporters Require Education, But Not as Long a

How to Pursue a Civil Lawsuit from an Injury Sustained at the Workplace

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Arizona workers comp lawyer

Every day millions of Americans around the country wake up, drink their coffee, and head out to their job just like any other day. Unfortunately for some, that day may include an unfortunate injury sustained on the job. In many cases these can be minor slips, trips, and falls, but for those workers in more dangerous occupations, such a minor accident could quickly turn into a major catastrophe. Thankfully, as an American citizen there are a number of options for injured workers and their loved ones to receive financial compensation in the event of such an injury.

Job-Related Injury Statistics

Employers from the private industrial sector reported 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2013, representing a decreasing incidence rate to 3.3 cases per 100 fu

4 Ways that You Can Afford the Best Lawyers

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Maritime injury lawyer

There are many different kinds of lawyers and attorneys out there. In fact, there is a specialized lawyer for pretty much every situation that you could find yourself in. However, one of the most difficult situations that you can find yourself in is a financial debacle. The reason why it might be one of the hardest cases is because not a lot of people understand the depths of financial issues. If you are an every day person, you understand the basics of money. You might be interested in investing in stocks or really good with numbers. However, securities fraud lawyers and maritime injury lawyers as well as other overseas and financial attorneys know a lot more about it then you do. This is why, if you find yourself in the mi