How to Find a Trustworthy Divorce Lawyer in the Toms River Area

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    Child support
    In the best case, divorce can be a mutual agreement reached when a couple drifts too far apart; in the worst case, divorce can break hearts and tear families apart. Finding a local lawyer in the Toms River area is easy, finding a local lawyer that you can trust to look out for the needs of you and your family is an entirely different matter. Do your research first before settling on a trusted Toms River divorce lawyer.
    How Does Divorce Happen?
    No one plans on getting a divorce, they just end up happening. There is a 20% likelihood that a first marriage will end within five years; unfortunately that number increases to 33% after ten years — these figures are even higher for second and third marriages. Four out of every five divorces are based on a unilateral decision where one par