In House Videographer or Legal Video Services?

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Legal video depositions are being done more and more now. Lawyers who want to use legal video deposition will have to invest in video equipment and learn how to use it properly. If you already have someone on your staff that knows how to use video equipment properly this should be no problem. However, another option is to hire a videographer to handle or manage your legal video depositions today. The last thing an attorney needs to do is struggle with learning how to use new video equipment. A full time videographer is often the best choice, but if using a part time videographer service is better for you, then do not hesitate to use this option for legal videos today. Not everyone can do good legal videos.

The best thing about having a full time videographer on your staff is the fact that there will always be someone there to take the video depositions that you need. This frees you up to pay more attention to your client’s case. Your full time videographer will also know exactly how you want your legal videos done all the time. This provides consistency and when the videos are done in house, you have access to them right away. but this really is an added business expense that may not be necessary. If you outsource your legal video needs you have to wait for the copy to be delivered, but it only takes a few days. Getting your legal videos edited is easier done when done by a professional videographer too. Usually very busy attorney offices use in house videographers for their legal videos.

When a legal office just has sporadic need for video deposition, it makes more sense to hire a legal video service. A legal video service provides all the video equipment too. The attorney will not have to pay an added expense to purchase video recording equipment for legal video depositions. For most attorneys, it makes more sense to use a legal video service rather than going to the expense of hiring a videographer and paying them a monthly salary with all the other expenses involved in hiring employees. Find out more about outsourcing your video tapped depositions by calling a legal video service today.

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