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    Four Reasons Why You May Need to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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    When many people think of bankruptcy, they likely think of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which involves the total liquidation of an individual’s debts. There are downsides to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as the fact that it requires the filer to give up some of their possessions, that make bankruptcy seem like an unattractive option.
    However, what if you knew that there was another option for filing bankruptcy that isn’t as absolute as a Chapter 7?
    If you find yourself struggling to pay off your debts, then seeking the help of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney for help with filing bankruptcy could help you manage your finances in a sustainable manner again.
    But how do you really know if a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option?
    Here are the four easiest ways to tell if filing Chapt