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    Intellectual Property What it is and how to Protect it

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    Can you patent intellectual property
    If you’re a creative type, think you invented something cool, or run an innovative small business, you’re going to want to look into getting an intellectual property patent. Below are the basics of that process as well as other ways to protect intellectual property:
    Wait, what exactly qualifies as intellectual property?
    Intellectual property is simply an invention or work that you did that required some level of creativity. Popular things that generally qualify for an intellectual property patent include: songs, manuscripts, books, movie scripts, designs, and totally original products. Basically, if you can see a copyright or a trademark

    Are You Looking for the Best Divorce Lawyer?

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    Legal aid for divorce
    It has been a difficult process, and a difficult decision. But now that you’ve made it, it is time to choose a divorce lawyer. The timing is awkward, but unavoidable. Eleven years ago when this marriage started you never imagined that you would be spending part of the Christmas holiday trying to choose a divorce lawyer and that you would be ending your marriage.
    Nearly two-thirds of all divorces are filed by women. The financial results are often dependent upon finding the very best legal counsel available. While all stories are unique, couples cite some common reasons for ending a marriage:
    • Infidelity. When one person in the marriage is unfaithful, it is often difficult to overcome. As evidence, couple therapy counselors say that 50% of their caseload consists of couples who are seekin

    Do You Need Group Legal Insurance?

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    Legal insurance is like medical insurance: you don’t think about it a lot but when you need it, you’re really, really glad it’s there. Legal plans for individuals offer protection if – or more likely, when – you need legal help. Prepaid legal insurance will come through with legal fees when they’re needed, without any deductibles or co-pays.

    Who might need legal services? Just about anyone

    So you’re just a regular person with a job, a house, a family, perhaps your own business. You don’t need legal help, right? Wrong. All kinds of unforeseen life events like divorce, bankruptcy, DUI or felony charges can leave you struggling to find money to pay legal fees. Whatever the reason, it pays to be prepared. Just about a

    How A DUI Attorney Can Change The Outcome Of Your Case

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    Top criminal defense attorney

    As much as we?d like to think otherwise, life isn?t perfect, and on occasion you?ll find yourself with a problem that you can?t simply solve on your own. This happens incredibly often in situations that involve drinking and driving. Even if you think you?re okay to drive, you may not be, especially if you don?t know the variation in DUI laws by state. You may be wondering how to find a good DUI attorney, or whether or not you can represent yourself. The fact is that most cannot, with few being able to defend themselves without the help of a good DUI lawyer. If you can find a good lawyer with the right credentials, you?ll be amazed at how much higher the odds of you beating your charges become.

    How To Find A Good DUI Attorney

    The question of how to find a

    What Legislative Intent Services Offer Legal Firms

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    California legal research
    The America of today is vastly different from the America established and envisioned by our country’s founders. The Constitution was created over 200 years ago, but even back then our founding fathers wanted the future Americans to have the ability to make amendments as needed thanks to the fifth article of the constitution. To this date there have been a total of 27 constitutional amendments and countless state amendments to keep track of — sometimes even lawyers need help keeping up to date on legislative news.
    How Do Federal Statutes and Regulations Change?
    A law first starts out as a bill that has been sponsored by a member of congress, although anyone can potentially draft a bill. There are currently over 300 bills awaiting action in the Senate alone, so it is a