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    Adventures in Skateboarding From the Board to the Brain

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    I count myself as a little too old now, but back in the day I used to be able to shred on a skateboard. My friends and I would head out into the streets with our boards and our backpacks and usually a stereo, and that’s how we’d hit the town. I learned about a lot more than just skateboarding when we went out there. There are at least a few crazy stories I could tell you, some more exciting than others.

    We’ll keep it vague for the sake of anonymity, but a friend and I were skating in the local elementary school parking lot one evening, just around dusk. We were only around 13 ourselves, not long out of that very same school. We were just skating, minding our own business. We were young and weren’t up to any trouble; not by that point, at least. All of a sudden, a rusted out old mini-van missing a headlight screeches up to us, driver side window rolled down.

    It was a group of kids a few years older than us. They outnumbered us, but we didn’t think they were there to

    Attorneys for Car Crashes and Other Injuries

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    Some matters in everyday life, often accidents or marital trouble, are settled with the aid of a lawyer, a defense lawyer, a real estate attorney, or another legal representative. Even accidents not involving other people can be settled this way, such as a slip and fall case indoors or outdoors related to public works or products. A slip and fall case could happen if a construction worker slips on work materials and injures himself, or if a warehouse worker has a slip and fall incident due to workplace hazards or negligence from maintenance or cleanup crews. Even writing a will can involve legal help to make sure that a person’s estate is handled correctly after their passing.

    Accidents and Wills

    Every day and every year, Americans suffer because of divorce, car crashes, or passing on without a legal will to protect their assets. Drunk driving or distracted driving on American roads today leads to a lot of injuries and some fatalities. In fact, it is estimated that every

    Premise Liability Proving Your Slip and Fall Case

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    Premise liability comes into play when an injury has been caused by unsafe or defective conditions on personal property. It refers to the legal responsibility of the property owner and can occur in a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces. Common situations that usually fall under this category are slip and fall cases that take place on someone else’s property and result in bodily injury. If this is something that has happened to you, there are steps that you can take to file and settle a slip and fall claim.

    Proving Your Claim

    The first step to proving your claim is to determine liability. If for some reason the property owner of the space where you slipped or fell cannot be held liable, then you don’t have a case. One of the three things listed below must be true in order for the owner to be legally responsible:
    • The owner or an employee must have been aware

    Looking At The Importance Of Police Car Video Cameras

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    Police car video cameras, alongside body cameras for police officers, have become widely utilized all throughout the United States. They are used for the sake of the police officers themselves, as well as for the sake of those who they approach, those who may or may not be breaking the law. It’s important that police work is monitored through the use of police car video cameras, as a key part of activism has become a fight against police brutality.
    Add on to this the fact that police work can often be dangerous and we can see clearly that the use of police car video cameras can be used to better assess a major event that happens with far more clarity than would otherwise be possible. After all, with more than ninety percent of eight thousand police officers saying that they feel more concerned about potential dangers while on the job in recent year, police car video cameras have become more important than ever before.
    And police car video cameras and body cameras for law enfo

    Top 5 Notorious Federal Crime Lawyers

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    Through modern American history, there have been some memorable court cases that have stuck out in the public eye. With these court cases came equally memorable criminal defense lawyers. Here are 5 of the most memorable, and in many cases notorious, examples of a federal crime lawyer.

    Johnnie Cochran

    Famous for being the federal crime lawyer for O.J. Simpson alongside a group of several others, Cochran also has represented a number of athletes and musicians in their criminal defense cases. Known widely across the country as an excellent federal crime attorney, Cochran was also a vocal critic of police brutality. Despite what you think of the outcome of O.J. Simpson’s trial, it’s impossible to deny that Cochran did his job to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, the great federal crime lawyer passed away in 2005.

    Mark Geragos

    A Look At The Need For Legal Advisement In the Field Of Construction

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    The average lawyer plays an incredibly important role here in the United States, particularly in the field of construction. Lawyers for construction companies and for the construction industry as a whole have become particularly important as the construction industry has increased in worth relatively rapidly over the course of the last few years. By the time that we had reached the year of 2016, for example, the value of the construction market had exceed one thousand and one hundred and sixty billion dollars. In the couple of years since, this number has only continued to increase.
    There are a number of roles for a lawyer at any given construction company. For one, a lawyer can provide legal support in civil cases, such as those of wrongful termination. Unfortunately, the need for a lawyer to handle a wrongful termination case in the world of con

    Why An Elder Law Lawyer Is Valuable and Importance

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    The role of an elder law lawyer is often overlooked by both younger Americans and older Americans alike. Most people do not realize how important it is to protect the rights of elderly citizens. Especially considering the fact that some elderly citizens may be abused or improperly treated by family, retirement homes, and more. So there is true value in using an elder law attorney for estate planning and more.
    An estate planning attorney is really important for older citizens. After all, when people pass, they have to delegate and spread our their assets. An estate planning lawyer helps someone older in age determine who will get what upon their death. While this seems simple, it can really help Americans families when it comes to dealing with the death of a grandparent or parent.
    When someone older in age passes away, their assets need to

    Why You Need Some Help from a Commercial Real Estate Law Firm When Buying a Home

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    Buying a home looks easy, but there are complexities and profound issues that can arise during the negotiations. These are transactions that happen on a daily basis. In 2016, the U.S. construction market was worth approximately $1,162 billion. So whether you are buying or selling, you should involve a commercial real estate law firm.
    It is typical when buying or selling to have contracts being signed. However, some brokers can make you sign a contract which may not be favorable to you. Though you may think it’s a standard form, some terms may not be clear to you. A construction lawyer will help you negotiate reasonably and avoid feeling cheated later and prevent the possibility of problems in the future.
    Whether you are buying a newly constructed apartment or home, get a commercial real estate law firm. In 2015, the American Arbitration Association administered 551 construction industry cases with claims of $500,000 or more. The largest mediated construction case was for

    Taking A Look At The Importance Of Patent Law In the US

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    Small businesses matter here in the United States. After all, with more than twenty five million (twenty eight million, to be more exact) small businesses set up in this one country alone, it is no surprise that small businesses make up more than ninety nine and a half percent of all the businesses that are operating here in this country. But the thriving of small businesses can sometimes be a difficult thing, as it is all too easy for the typical small business to be swept into obscurity.
    One way for a small business to avoid this is through innovation and even invention. The invention of patented technologies is a defining key to success in the world of small businesses, but the process of getting such a patent is often more of a complex thing than many people realize. From intellectual property law to patent qualifications, a patent lawyer working for one of numerous patent law firms here in the United States can help any small business to work through the intricacies of patent