4 Reasons Police Cameras are a Great Idea

Car dash cam

Equipping our police with body cameras and their cars with in car police video systems is a rather new thing in America. But the benefits of doing so are already becoming clear. Here are ___ important things to know about the advantages of police body cameras and how the police dash cam can help make everyone safe.

Cameras Put Everyone on Their Best Behavior

The focus in the media might be on rogue cops and keeping them restrained. In fact, when Rialto, California’s police department put body cameras on their officers and then evaluated the move, they found a 60% drop in the use of force by their officers. But that’s not primarily because the police are aware of the camera. It’s primarily because the people are. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 52% of administrators at police department believe the public ar more likely to cooperate when police have body cams.

Cameras Stop the Stereotypes

When someone films seven seconds of an interaction with the police and throws it up out of context on the internet, it can be hard to sort out what’s really going on. It’s easy to take things out of context when there’s no contradiction. But people are far less likely to do that when they know there are in car police video systems taking shots of the whole incident, or officers are wearing a camera. With body cameras and in car police video systems, police can be judged by what actually happened, not by what someone with a vendetta claims happened.

Cameras Keep Officers Safe

The world of policing seems to grow increasingly volatile. A survey of 8,000 officers conducted by Pew Research Center showed that 93% of them are worried about the danger of their profession. Cameras act as a deterrent and make interactions with the public more helpful and productive. A recent study showed that police that had body cameras received 93% fewer complaints than those who don’t have them.

Cameras Provide Valuable Evidence

When issues do arise, in car police video systems or cameras worn by an officer can provide valuable evidence for finding and prosecuting criminals. The memory of a camera never changes or grows fuzzy, and the camera can’t be bribed or threatened to change its story. The camera is also there to record events when no other human is around, providing find and prosecute those who assault or kill officers at traffic stops or remote unexpected situations.

There are a lot of good reasons for police dash cams. There are many benefits of police body cameras as well. These are valuable tools that keep officers safe, provide clear evidence, and encourage good behavior from everyone. These cameras are increasingly inexpensive to source and install, so see what’s available in your area today and keep everyone safe.

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