How Does a Divorce Mediation Work?

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Divorce mediation is a great option for couples who know that they can reach common ground in their split. It’s less contentious than a court case and the odds are higher that both sides will leave with things that are important to them. This video explains how a divorce mediation works to settle things peacefully.

Mediators help determine what the key issues in divorce are. They will keep the two parties focused on the issues like property, financial assets, and custody of children, while pulling the parties back if they start to stray into more emotional territory. It’s not that the emotional side of things shouldn’t be addressed; it’s that the emotional side needs to take a back seat during divorce mediation.

If the two parties are stuck on something, the lawyer who is mediating will define the problem and generate an array of solutions. You need to define the problem and figure out different options to avoid simply butting heads for the sake of arguing.

The mediator will also help each party understand their rights and the details of divorce law. For example, if one party wants something that would not be granted to them if it were a court case, the mediator will make that known so the party can adjust their expectations. For more information, check out the video above.