Information on NY Building Codes Violations

Nyc building code violations lawyers

For a long time, up until the Norman Invasion of England in the eleventh century, there was no distinction made between crimes and civil matters. Today these are entirely different offenses, handled by entirely different sets of professionals. For example, felony sentences are far different from sentences imposed in the case of civil matters, and the sentence can be increased depending on the criminals prior record.

If you own a building, you should be aware of building codes, and know how to reach NYC building code violations lawyers in the case of a problem. In New York State, commercial fire code violations can lead to heavy fines and criminal charges, even including incarceration for the business owner. Therefore, having NYC building code violations lawyers help you ensure that your building is up to par, or help reduce the charges against you if it is not, can save you from having to hire Nassau county criminal defense lawyers. In addition to fire codes, NYC building code violations lawyers can tell you if the rest of your building is in accordance with safety codes, determine your maximum capacity, and whether the overall structure is within the specifications of the New York State building codes. Having NYC building code violations lawyers to help you determine these things can save you from serious legal trouble in the future.

There are other types of lawyers that you should also know how to reach if you own a building, in addition to NYC building code violations lawyers. Nassau county landlord tenant lawyers handle law that governs the rental of commercial and residential property, and involves state statutory and common law. Nassau county commercial real estate lawyers can help you insure your real estate, and protect it in the case of charges being brought against you.

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