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There are an unlimited number of reasons why people will decide to retain a lawyer. A divorce lawyer would be needed for individuals whose marriage is ending, and an injury lawyer, or personal injury lawyer, is retained when someone is hurt, whether in a car accident, in an accident at work, or in any number of different scenarios. Lawyers experienced at the ins and outs of bankruptcy are available and easily attainable for people who find themselves needing that type of representation.

When a worker is injured on the job, and, as a result, misses a period of time at work, it is helpful for the worker to be able to get some kind of compensation, whether it be disability, worker’s compensation, or, in extreme cases, the proceeds from a lawsuit. In a case where there has been an injury on the job, it is usually a good idea for the client to consult an injury attorney.

In most states, 74%, it is mandatory that businesses have workers’ compensation for employees who are hurt while doing their job. Statistics show that 22% of people who slip and fall at work will be away from their job for at least 31 days. In fact, workers compensation says that 85% of their claims are a result of slip and fall injuries in the workplace. The rule of thumb is to have enough money set aside to cover six months of expenses in case of an emergency; however, statistics show that only one in four people have all their bases covered when it comes to that type of preparedness. A personal injury case can often be settled out of court and often will not even go to trial.

Social security disability cases often require legal representation. Of the people who began receiving social security benefits in 2012, approximately 5.7 million, 48% received retirement benefits, 17% began receiving social security disability benefits, and 35% were family members and dependents of workers who had passed.

A bankruptcy case will require a bankruptcy lawyer. There are people who will attain the information needed to file for bankruptcy on their own, usually in order to avoid paying the fee; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even after retaining a bankruptcy attorney, surprises sometimes arise that were unexpected and would be very difficult for the lay person to navigate. It is recorded that 97% of bankruptcies are on the personal level, 3% are business related, and student loans account for approximately 15,000 bankruptcies each year in the U.S.

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