Tips on Finding the Best Lawyer

How to find a good dui attorney

If you have recently been charged with a criminal offense, and especially if you have been charged with drinking while intoxicated, then you should get started on finding a good attorney as soon as possible. A federal criminal lawyer is experienced with working and advocating for clients who have been caught committing crimes and charged by the police. It is important that anyone who has been accused of a crime get the services for an experienced criminal defense firm because these people are not always guilty and it often takes a lawyer who is well versed in the specifics of criminal law to convince a jury or a judge of this fact.

There are certain things you should know about the appropriate and accepted policies that the arresting officers are supposed to abide by anytime they confront an offender. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also known as a DUI, often requires that the officer administer field sobriety tests to evaluate the driver’s state of mind. If the officer suspects that the driver may be intoxicated, then they may arrest him or her and take them to the hospital where they will be subjected to a blood alcohol test. They don’t have to consent though, and it is important to know that even if you consented, you can challenge the results because if the test wasn’t administered under the right conditions then the results might not be valid and you might not be able to be convicted based on them.

The thing about laws pertaining to DUI arrests is that they are very complicated and it is important that you be familiar with them if you have been accused of a related crime. Even your first DUI offense can results in up to six points on your license, which could have substantial impacts on your daily life if you are someone who uses your car every day to drive to work or to transport anyone in your life like your children or friends. If you are concerned about the specifics of finding a good attorney but don’t know how to begin your search, keep reading for some tips on finding the best legal aid in your area.

  • Ask about their areas of expertise
    It’s important that you find out what this lawyer has experience with, because you want to find a criminal lawyer who knows all the relevant or new DUI laws in your state if you are someone who has been accused of a DUI.
  • Ask what their fee is
    Some lawyers are much more expensive than others so it is key that you ask what they are going to charge you. Make sure that you can afford the fee because it’s not worth getting into debt just to find a criminal charge.
  • Talk to previous clients
    This is a great way to make sure that your lawyer has a record of delivering on their promises, so ask other people what they thought of your defense attorney’s service to make sure that they will do what they say they will.

What would you tell someone who is wondering what the best way is for finding a good attorney? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to give someone who finds himself in a bind and is stressed about what to do next? If so, we would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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