Using a Legal Video in Court

Legal videos

Never underestimate the power of a legal video during a court trial. Legal videos are extremely powerful resources that can often make or break a trial for a defendant or a plaintiff.

When preparing for a court trial, there are three different ways you can incorporate a legal video into the proceedings. A legal video can be used either as an informational tool, an eyewitness to certain events, or as a tour guide.

The most common reason for using legal videos in the courtroom is to provide the judge or jury with information. These legal videos work as a tool that can provide background information. Common reasons for needing background information in court include showing juries a complex procedure or process, showing evidence of how an individual lived or worked before an accident, or just to provide people with background information that might prove helpful to a specific case.

A legal video can also serve as an eyewitness of sorts in the courtroom. Videos of surveillance systems and traffic cameras can sometimes be used in court to show the judge and jury the actual event in question. There are many rules and regulations surrounding what legal videos can be shown in court, so using a legal video as an eyewitness to events might not always work.

The last reason for using a legal video in court is to provide a judge and jury with a tour of a location that is valuable to the case. Sometimes jurors and judges are unable to visit a location that is critical to a case. In this event, a legal video can be created that will take the judge and jury on a tour of the location and provide them with an understanding of what happened at that particular location.

Incorporating a legal video into your court proceeding can often help make or break a case. Consider using these types of videos should you ever run into a legal situation and need help.

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