Victim of a Distracted Driving Auto Accident? Understand Your Legal Rights

Personal injury attorneys

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of vehicle accidents today. Technology has gotten more and more advanced over the years. We can now utilize our mobile devices for communication, music, and even step by step directions. It also causes drivers to take their eyes off the road for unsafe amounts of time. Many professionals even say that distracted driving can be similar to drunk driving. If you are the victim of a car crash that was caused by distracted driving, you might have more legal rights than you initially thought.

Determining the cause of the accident

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the cause of an auto accident. When alcohol is suspected, a blood alcohol test is given. When drugs are suspected, a blood drug test might be given. However, proving distracted driving often proves to be more difficult. At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. The case of distracted driving is usually brought up by one of the victim?s claiming to have noticed it. If you suspect or have good reason that distracted driving was a cause in your injury, consult with your personal injury lawyers. If operating a mobile device while driving is illegal in your state, the court can request phone records for further proof.

Push for stricter laws

If distracted driving is not currently illegal in your state, your personal injury could be the push that it needs. Most states pass illegal and stricter distracted laws, following a severe personal injury case. You could do a lot for your state and those who could be injured in the future by pushing for stricter laws. Work with your personal injury lawyers on stricter distracted driving laws. Even without illegal distracted driving laws, you should be able to receive just compensation for the auto accident, if the other driver was at fault.

The possibility of a settlement

You will find that the majority of legal cases are settled pretrial. In fact, 95 to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. It can be extremely expensive and timely to take a case to trial. Your accident victim defense attorneys will negotiate with the defendant?s attorney, attempting to come up with a just bodily injury settlement amount. All personal injury cases differ in terms of details and injuries, so the specifics of your accident will play an important part in how much you receive. Although you do not have to settle pretrial, it is usually a better financial decision to. Ensure that your settlement amount includes sufficient funds for damages, time off of work, and current and medical costs incurred from the auto accident.

Finding the right personal injury lawyers

Because you are relying on a fair settlement amount, you want to focus on finding personal injury lawyers that are experienced and qualified in negotiations. It is likely that they will not stand up in trial, but that they simply will negotiate and offer consultation on damages amounts. Auto accidents are the highest civil rights case heard. Approximately 20% of federal civil personal injury lawsuits result from vehicle crashes, 13% from products liability injuries, and 10% result from medical malpractice. With such high incidence rates of auto accident injuries, you are likely to find a qualified personal injury lawyer to negotiate your case.

Auto accidents occur on a daily basis. Sometimes they are truly accidents, with no real cause. Other times however, they are based on some type of an illegal activity. Recently, the United States has seen an increase in distracted driving auto accident rates. Mobile phones and other technologies take the attention away from the road and quickly result in disastrous auto accidents. If you were the victim of an auto accident that was caused by distracted driving, ensure that you work with a personal injury lawyer that can get you the compensation that you require.

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