Which Lawyer Should I Seek Out?

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Have you found yourself in need of the expertise of an auto accident lawyer or personal injury attorney? It seems like an accident can strike at any time and leave you in financial and legal limbo. Rest assured, you’re not alone — the United States is home to thousands of legal professionals who specialize in specific areas, all the better to tackle your unique problem and get you the help you deserve. If you’re wondering about how to assess a personal injury settlement time frame or whether or not you’ll be potentially convicted of a DUI, read below to learn about the most common reasons people seek out a lawyer and the options available to you.

What Are Frequent Issues In America?

While lawyers are sought out for a variety of reasons, there are a few that happen with enough consistency as to see entire sections dedicated to them — this includes, but is not limited to: drunk driving, personal injury, domestic dispute, car crashes and bankruptcy. Should you find yourself in need of financial assistance, many attorneys specialize in specific legal fields and can better assess your case and provide you with the particular resources you need. For example, a truck accident attorney deals in vehicular damage involving trucks while a personal injury lawyer works in the field of work or school-related injury cases.

What Are Personal Injury Cases?

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, at around 95%, with the only ones reaching a courtroom being too complex or time-consuming to be resolved. A personal injury settlement time frame depends highly on your unique case and the factors involved — how bad the injury is, the costs involved and the evidence gathered. Questions to ask a personal injury lawyer should include their costs, the potential time frame and whether or not your case will see a court room.

What Are Drunk Driving Cases?

Drunk driving, frequently shortened to ‘DUI’, is a rampant problem in the United States and multiple measures are taken every year to reduce their occurrences. It’s estimated a drunk driver has driven drunk around 80 times before their very first arrest, with car breathalyzers used to curb repeat offenses. Studies have shown a person is injured every two minutes in a drunk driving crash and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saw over 4,000 people dying in motorcycle crashes in 2013 alone.

What Are Civil Lawsuit Cases?

A civil lawsuit, at its most simple, is bringing a grievance to the court and seeking out damages. This can be for reasons ranging from harassment in the workplace to petty theft, as well as the aforementioned personal injury cases noted above. Personal injury lawsuit settlements can be done in a matter of weeks or take months depending on the unique case, so if you’re attempting to figure out your personal injury settlement time frame you’d do well to find the right lawyer to help you navigate the legal system properly.

How Do I Find The Right Lawyer?

It’s difficult when you have work, school and family to attend to while struggling with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident or personal injury assessment. Your local law firm is staffed with professionals well-versed in the art of organizing resources, gathering evidence and assisting people like yourself in these hard times. ‘Statutes of limitations’ are set time limits on how long you can file a civil lawsuit of this type — for example, the statute of limitations in Tennessee is one year. If you’re concerned about legal costs or the time frame of your potential case, seek out the appropriate lawyer and see what they can do for you.

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