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    Wrongly Accused of a Crime? Contact an Attorney!

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    Minnesota police brutality attorney

    If you or someone you know has ever been the victim of a civil rights violation, police brutality, or prison neglect/abuse don’t stay silent. There are attorneys who could love to offer your legal advice based on their expertise. Here are a few good things to know:

    1. Civil Rights Violations – Unlike other types of law such as medical malpractice where 97% of claims are clearly due to injury, civil rights violations are much more complex. It is important to know your civil rights and if you are concerned that someone or some place has violated them it’s not a bad idea to schedule a legal consultation. Many civil rights attorneys are happy to sit down with potential clients who may be concerned or confused about their civil rights.

    2. Police Brutality

    Guardians and Conservators What’s the Difference and Why They’re Important

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    Living will

    Nobody ever plans on becoming incapacitated and not being able to make decisions for themselves. The sad fact of life is that this is a strong possibility. Things such as estate planning, Medicaid planning, a power of attorney and a living will should be decided upon beforehand. Planning saves possible conflicts, family feuds and insurance problems related to Medicaid planning later down the road and ensures that your wishes are adhered to.


    The guardian is the person appointed to assum