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    Your Divorce Does Not Have to Cost You Everything, 6 Tips for a Low Cost Divorce

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    Filing uncontested divorce

    Are you considering getting a divorce? You are not alone in this. In the United Sates every 36 seconds a divorce goes through. That translates to 2,400 divorces each day or 2,400 divorces every seven days, 16,800 divorces each month and a whopping 876,000 divorces every year. One concern you may have as you start the process of your divorce is how you will manage the costs associated with it. The good news here is that from talking to low cost lawyers for divorce to investigating alternative pathways, you can get divorced without spending every penny you own.

    1. You will need a good divorce lawyer. When people are trying to save money on legal matters, they often think that they will need to get by without an attorney. This can be a mistake that will end up costing you