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    Consult With an Uncontested Divorce Attorney to File Divorce Forms

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    Divorce is a common occurrence within the United States. While men do file for divorce, approximately 66% of divorces are filed by women. In some instances, these divorces may be uncontested, which can make a difference in the overall proceedings. Since there are different types of lawyers, couples that have an uncontested divorce would benefit from working with an uncontested divorce lawyer.

    Factors That Contribute to Divorce

    There are several factors that have been known to contribute to divorce. Couples therapists, for example, have reported that infidelity has been a contributing factor. Furthermore, 50% of these therapists’ caseloads consisted of individuals and/or couples that were in therapy for this primary reason. The Journal of Family Issues published a study that focused on these and related issues. According to the results of this study, 21.6% of the participants reported that infidelity was the reason why they divorced.

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