Adventures in Skateboarding From the Board to the Brain

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    I count myself as a little too old now, but back in the day I used to be able to shred on a skateboard. My friends and I would head out into the streets with our boards and our backpacks and usually a stereo, and that’s how we’d hit the town. I learned about a lot more than just skateboarding when we went out there. There are at least a few crazy stories I could tell you, some more exciting than others.

    We’ll keep it vague for the sake of anonymity, but a friend and I were skating in the local elementary school parking lot one evening, just around dusk. We were only around 13 ourselves, not long out of that very same school. We were just skating, minding our own business. We were young and weren’t up to any trouble; not by that point, at least. All of a sudden, a rusted out old mini-van missing a headlight screeches up to us, driver side window rolled down.

    It was a group of kids a few years older than us. They outnumbered us, but we didn’t think they were there to

    Car Crashes Sink $250 Billion Out Of The American Economy The Need For Responsible Driving

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    Every time you step behind the wheel you’re undertaking a massive responsibility.

    It’s a responsibility not just to yourself, but to other drivers and bystanders you pass on the open road. A safe driving experience can be as complex as taking your vehicle to the car repair shop for a check-up and as simple as double-checking your seatbelt before pulling out of the driveway. Younger drivers, in particular, have to put extra emphasis on safe behavior while not giving in to peer pressure. When even your best attempts at safety don’t prevent you from getting into a car accident? Knowing how to ask for help at a nearby law firm is another way of being responsible.

    Learn more about the state of safe driving in the United States by reading below.

    Car crashes can strike at any time. Even the safest drivers are at risk for a collision due to the high amount of irresponsible drivers, vehicle neglect and drunk driving on American roads. Ongoing studies have been con