Been in an Accident? Make Sure You Do These 7 Things

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    If you have been in a car accident, there are a number of things you should do afterward. Some of them are pretty intuitive but there are some that may not be. You may not immediately start thinking about talking to personal injury lawyers but if you have been hurt, it does make a lot of sense to start thinking about this. Here are some things that good personal injury law firms suggest doing after a motor vehicle accident:

    1. Call 911. When an accident, you have to call the police. This is especially important for you if you did not cause it. Even if the other driver took off from the accident, you need to get your version of what happened to the law enforcement officers. This does a few things for you. You will have documentation of the accident and its severity. Experts say that no matter what size of accident you are in, the police report can make a world of differen