When to Contact a Criminal Defense Law Firm

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    Drug crimes

    There are a variety of crimes committed in the United States every year. In addition to drug abuse violations, larceny-theft, and driving under the influence, violent crimes such as murder, non-negligent homicides, and assault also occur.

    Arrests Made by Law Enforcement

    During 2014, for example, there were a significant number of arrests made by police for various crimes. The estimated arrests totaled 11,205,833 for these crime categories:

    • Violent crimes: 498,666
    • Property crimes: 1,553,980

    Arrests were also made for related and other types of offenses. Drug abuse violations represented the highest number of arrests at 1,561,231. Larceny-theft arrests totaled 1,238,190, and arrests for driving under the influence accounted for 1,117,852 of the arrests made.