Looking At The Importance Of Police Car Video Cameras

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    Police car video cameras, alongside body cameras for police officers, have become widely utilized all throughout the United States. They are used for the sake of the police officers themselves, as well as for the sake of those who they approach, those who may or may not be breaking the law. It’s important that police work is monitored through the use of police car video cameras, as a key part of activism has become a fight against police brutality.

    Add on to this the fact that police work can often be dangerous and we can see clearly that the use of police car video cameras can be used to better assess a major event that happens with far more clarity than would otherwise be possible. After all, with more than ninety percent of eight thousand police officers saying that they feel more concerned about potential dangers while on the job in recent year, police car video cameras have become more important than ever before.

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    4 Reasons Police Cameras are a Great Idea

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    Car dash cam

    Equipping our police with body cameras and their cars with in car police video systems is a rather new thing in America. But the benefits of doing so are already becoming clear. Here are ___ important things to know about the advantages of police body cameras and how the police dash cam can help make everyone safe.

    Cameras Put Everyone on Their Best Behavior

    The focus in the media might be on rogue cops and keeping them restrained. In fact, when Rialto, California’s police department put body cameras on their officers and then evaluated the move, they found a 60% drop in the use of force by their officers. But that’s not primarily because the police are aware of the camera. It’s primarily because the people are. A recent P