Three Places Where You Can Seek Legal Help as a Veteran Seeking Disability Benefits

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    Va benefits multiple sclerosis

    For many veterans, obtaining the right amount of VA compensation can be challenging, if not impossible, without seeking legal help for veterans. This is because some conditions, especially psychological ones like post traumatic stress disorder, are difficult to document and prove to the VA.

    But if your VA disability claim has been rejected, you have more help available than you may realize to try again and get the benefits you deserve to help you cope with your disabilities.

    Unsure where to start with getting your VA disability claim status approved? Here are three of the best sources of legal advice for veterans that you should be using to your advantage:

    The Internet

    This one may surprise you — but the Internet is actually a great resource where you can find tons of information about the VA’s benefits system and how to navigate it in order to have your disability claim approved. However, finding personalized information specific to your situation is less likely to happen when you consult the web alone.

    Veterans’ organizations

    There are a large number of local legal aid offices and veterans’ organizations across the country that are dedicated to providing the best legal advice for veterans at no cost. There is likely a veterans’ organization that exists near you — you have nothing to lose by reaching out to them.

    A pro bono veterans attorney

    If your disability benefits claim has already been rejected by the VA, your best bet is to seek out pro bono assistance from a veterans attorney who has a track record of helping veterans like you get approved for compensation. In most instances, having legal advice for veterans from an actual attorney helps turn a rejected claim into an approved one.

    Have any questions or comments about the VA disability claim process? Feel free to ask us by leaving a comment. Find more.

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