12 Reddit Questions About DACA

The video discusses 12 common questions people have about DACA.

One question people have is whether they are eligible for DACA if they’ve dropped out of school. The short answer to that question is no. The only time one might be eligible for DACA is if that person signs up for a new educational program. Otherwise, the likelihood of that person receiving approval for DACA or DACA renewal is very slim.

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Some people want to know how they can prove they were in the United States in 2007 if they did not regularly attend a primary educational facility. Such a person can use a variety of documents to prove that bit of information. The individual can provide the administrative agency with a copy of a phone bill or his or her parents’ tax transcript. Rental receipts and leases are also ways to prove one’s presence in the United States.

Some people want to know if they can travel to Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands without having advanced parole. The answer to that particular question depends on whether the flights to those areas get re-routed to other countries. If so, there’s a possibility that problems could arise on United States re-entry. A DACA lawyer can answer all such questions and assist a person with getting or keeping DACA.