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    Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

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    Truck wreck attorney
    No one ever thinks they will file for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is what other people need to do.  The only problem with that way to think is that more and more Americans are finding themselves in a position where they have to do just that. Since 2006, the number of personal bankruptcy filings has exploded, it has gone up by 600%.  At least 8% of people filing have filed before.  People who make less than $30,000 per year make up 60% of personal bankruptcies.  Since 1980 the percentage of bankruptcies filed by businesses has plummeted from 13% to 3%. Many try to go without a bankruptcy attorney but it’s a mistake.  The success rate for people filing for personal bankruptcy is 95% for people with a bankruptcy atto

    Strange Divorce Stories That Show The Ugly Side of Marriage

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    Questions to ask an attorney about divorce
    If you’re in the middle of the divorce process, you’re probably under enough stress. The divorce lawyers can only do so much to help, sometimes you just have to give yourself a break! So kick back and enjoy some of the most absurd divorce stories of all time, and be grateful that your divorce lawyer probably doesn’t have to juggle your case with ones like these.
    I’ll take half – A Cambodian husband and wife began the divorce process after 18 years of marriage when the man found out his wife had b

    3 Of The Worst Lawyers Of All Time

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    Criminal lawyer
    Sometimes, legal issues pop up out of nowhere. Not everyone can predict when they’ll need an attorney, but everyone hopes that they don’t end up with a bad one. Here are some of the worst attorneys in history, and if any of them have a resemblance to your current attorney, make sure you seek out new legal advice entirely!

    Thank you for your time – Divorce lawyer Thomas Lowe was involved in a steamy seven month affair with one of his clients, while being married himself. But if that wasn’t sleazy enough, after they stopped sleeping together, Lowe charged his mistress for her time with him. He billed her for every time they were together, disguising the intent of the bill with cover-up words like “meetings.”

    Guide to Understanding Your Speeding Ticket

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    California ticket
    Picture this: You’re late for work, and driving a little bit faster to make up for time, when all of a sudden a cop car pulls up behind your car and switched on the light. Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations, and can happen to anyone. If you’ve recently received one of your first traffic tickets, you may be confused about what everything means. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand your speeding ticket, and what implications it has.
    The first question you’ll want to ask yourself when examining your speeding ticket is whether or not you’ll have to go to court. Most minor traffic violations do not require you to visit a county court for any court hearing p