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    Drinking and Driving Never Mix

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    Accidents happen, but when they are the result of someone’s distracted driving they can lead to the need for legal advice and a search for damages. Car accident attorneys and other lawyers who deal with personal injury events are often dealing with the devastating effects of an irresponsible driver stopping for A COLD ONE after work, after a game, or any other time before getting behind the wheel.

    • A great tasting beer is the perfect thing for a hot summer day or a cold winter’s night, but not if you are going to the one driving home.

    • Craft beers are an important part of the entertainment industry. In fact, there are many craft beers that are actually at the basis of many of the most popular gathering spots. Unfortunately, these spots can also be the source of many acci

    Know When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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    There’s a variety of reasons why someone would need an attorney to help them. Personal injury is one of the most common reasons to seek representation in court. It doesn’t matter if you’re pressing charges or getting sued, having an attorney on your case makes a difference. Here’s a few different instances when it pays to have a personal injury lawyer and why you need one if you find yourself in such a situation.
    Getting Injured at Work
    People get hurt at work all the time. Some worry that if they find a workers comp lawyer and file a claim against the company, they’ll lose their job. While this is scary, it’s important to get help if you’ve found yourself injured at work and the company doesn’t want to take any responsibility for it. A skilled lawyer can help you through your case and fight to help you get compensated for any pain an

    2 Key Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

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    2 Key Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

    There are laws; the individuals that enforce them, and the individuals that uphold and defend them. Since the law can be complicated, when going to court for any reason, consider having an attorney by your side.
    There are many different attorneys for all kinds of problems. You can get an attorney to help establish and protect your assets, wills and trusts, a wrongful death attorney or one who handles living wills or an estate plan. There is most likely an attorney to assist you in the many aspects of life from life insurance, traffic violation and injuries to child support.
    However, there isn’t a universal attorney that specializes in all legal matters. For some cases, you may need a specialist with a reputation in specific situations. For example, If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may need a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can help you prepare by advising, informing and assisting you with your in

    A Look Into The Legal World Of The United States

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    Lawyers are common in the United States, from the real estate attorney to the litigation attorney and the employment lawyer. Lawyers like the real estate attorney have many roles to fill, and provide a considerably important service to many people in the United States just like you and me. Though many of us hope that we will never personally have the need for a real estate lawyer or other type of lawyer like a business lawyer, we simply cannot predict the future and the absence of our lives from legal issues. Legal troubles happen – for many of us and many people in the United States and even far beyond it, legal issues are simply a reality of life at some point in time and finding the right law firm and real estate attorney (or whatever type of attorney it is that you may need) is likely to be hugely beneficial to solving your legal issues and can help to resolve disagreements of a legal origin in a timel

    3 Things You Need to Do If You’ve Been Involved In a Car Accident

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    Approximately 6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. each year and three million people are hurt car accidents in the U.S every year.
    Car accidents can happen anywhere at anytime to anyone. In 2016, Wyoming, Mississippi and Montana were listed among the most dangerous states to drive in.
    Regardless of where you travel, the likelihood of a car accident and getting hurt in a car accident is still very high. The U.S. Department of Justice says the most common personal injury cases are car accidents as 52 percent of those cases involve car accidents.The three most common causes of car accidents in the U.S. are distracted driving, drunk driving and speeding.
    From head injuries, to whiplash to emotional trauma, the injuries one can incur if you’ve been hurt in a car accident are many and varied and it’s important to know what to do if you’ve been involv

    Car Crashes Sink $250 Billion Out Of The American Economy The Need For Responsible Driving

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    Every time you step behind the wheel you’re undertaking a massive responsibility.

    It’s a responsibility not just to yourself, but to other drivers and bystanders you pass on the open road. A safe driving experience can be as complex as taking your vehicle to the car repair shop for a check-up and as simple as double-checking your seatbelt before pulling out of the driveway. Younger drivers, in particular, have to put extra emphasis on safe behavior while not giving in to peer pressure. When even your best attempts at safety don’t prevent you from getting into a car accident? Knowing how to ask for help at a nearby law firm is another way of being responsible.

    Learn more about the state of safe driving in the United States by reading below.

    Car crashes can strike at any time. Even the safest drivers are at risk for a collision due to the high amount of irresponsible drivers, vehicle neglect and drunk driving on American roads. Ongoing studies have been con

    Stopped for a DUI in Oregon? Know What your Rights Are

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    Over 700 people every day are injured as a result of a drunk driving crash. It’s no wonder that driving under the influence of alcohol (or any other substance) carries serious consequences. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never operate a vehicle while drunk.
    First, be aware that the police will be looking for you in Oregon. Marijuana was legalized for recreational use in 2016, and in July 2018, police in the city of Portland started to institute higher fines for driving while distracted with electronic devices. It is incredibly important to drive only when you are sober and able to focus on driving.
    However, if you should find that you have been stopped and you believe that the officer suspects you to be driving under the influence, it is important to cooperate fully by placing your hands on the steering wheel, not resisting the officer, and not showing aggres

    Have You Been Charged With a DUI, a DUII, or a Prostitution-Related Offense? Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney for a Consultation

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    There are a variety of criminal matters that necessitate seeking the counsel of an attorney. These include drunk driving and prostitution-related offenses. When someone has been arrested and charged for these and other types of crimes, it’s important to work with an attorney experienced in these matters.

    Drunk Driving and Arrests

    Almost every state in this country prohibits an individual from operating a motor vehicle when they have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. Prior to being arrested for the first time, the average drunk driver has operated their vehicle while intoxicated 80 times. Furthermore, even though there are 300,000 people driving drunk every day, less than 4,000 arrests are actually made.
    While licensed individuals of various ages do operate their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol, ten percent