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    8 Things You Can Do to Bolster Your Workers’ Comp Case

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    Every day, across the United States, people are injured at work. After these injuries, many people rely on workers’ compensation benefits to pay their bills and make ends meet. In addition to talking to a workers compensation attorney, there are things you can do to improve your case.

    1. Do not delay getting the medical help you need. There are a few reasons to get treated as quickly as you can. In the first place, medical professionals can do more to help you when they see you soon after an injury vs. later. The second reason is that any delay in getting the treatment you need can be detrimental to your workers’ compensation case. The insurance company will look for any excuse to not pay you what you need and deserve and not getting medical care right away
    2. Tell your employer right away. After you have been to the emergency room or have been to a doctor, you need to alert your employer to the fact that you were Continue Reading No Comments

    You Don’t Have To Go Through Your Divorce Alone Why You Should Consider Hiring An Attorney

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    Divorce is a messy process, even if you’ve been through it before.

    You have to consider relocating assets, from your house to expensive antiques. You have to figure out dividing your business, if it was shared at all. When you add children to the mix it can seem tempting to avoid the process altogether, in the hopes things will finally change in the nick of time. Child custody lawyers are here to help you with these disputes and give you options when all seems lost. They can help you file paperwork and talk you through international custody disputes, step-by-step.

    What is divorce like today? What should you expect when sitting down with family divorce lawyers? Take a look below and familiarize yourself with the landscape before taking the plunge.

    What Are The Rates Of Divorce These Days?