22 Weird State Laws: Fact and Fiction

While there are several laws that keep our communities safe and orderly, every now and then you’ll come across one that’s a real head-scratcher. It’s safe to say there have been some pretty wacky laws put into effect over the years. However, continue reading if you wish to debunk fact from fiction, and learn about some real and weird old state laws.

Weird Old State Laws #1: It’s Illegal to Drive Blindfolded in Alabama

This one may sound like a no brainer. After all, why put your life and the lives of other drivers at risk?

So, is it fact or fiction? While this should be illegal in all 50 states, Alabama has this in their official rule book. Makes you wonder who is attempting this deadly drive down the highway

Weird Old State Laws #2: Women in Utah Can’t Swear

Did you know that 80% of lawyers reside in the United States? While they’ve made their fair share of arguments such as their client speeding or perhaps stealing — think a lawyer ever had to get up on the stand and defend their client for swearing in public? This one is false, as it’s quite sexist and there’s no way to regulate it. If a woman accidental stubs her toe, and swears to the heavens, she shouldn’t have to face a fine or jail time!

Weird Old State Laws #3: It’s Illegal to Leave Your Dog on the Roof of Your Car

This law shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s also true. Not only is this negligent and the worst kind of pet care you can offer your pup, but it’s also clearly animal abuse.

If you want to ensure your dog has a great time riding in your car with you, roll the window down, and make sure they are strapped down tightly!

Weird Old State Laws #4: It’s Against the Law to Keep an Alligator as a Pet

Maybe you’re not a huge dog person. Perhaps you’re more interested in owning a reptile? If you have ever dreamed of owning something as exotic as an alligator, you’re out of luck. It is illegal to own one as a pet. There has also been another rumor circulating that it’s illegal to keep an alligator in your bathtub. This law is false, but can you imagine calling a bathtub drain repair expert after that mess?

Weird Old State Laws #5: In Iowa, Couples Can’t Kiss for More Than 10 Minutes

While 10 minutes of PDA may sound excessive to some, not to worry because this law is completely false. Like the swearing law, this one would be impossible to regulate. Not to mention, it’s also violating. So, smooch on!

Weird Old State Laws #6: You Need a Hunting License in California to Set a Mouse Trap

If this law sounds outrageous, it’s because it is. This law is false. It’s another rumor that started after the state passed a hunting legislation in 2002. Pest control should not be illegal. However, if you feel guilty about setting a trap in your home to catch that scattering little field mouse, perhaps a rodent removal disposable bait station to catch him is your best bet!

Weird Old State Laws #7: Women Are Prohibited From Taking Three Steps Back While Dancing in Washington

Don’t worry about canceling your night of dancing and drinks if you’re a lady. This rumor got started around 1917. A law was enacted stating that anyone caught dancing during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ would be fined one hundred dollars.

Weird Old State Laws #8 It is Against the Law to Drive With Snow on Your Car

This law is true and for good reason! While some hotter states down south may not experience a lot of snow in the winter, states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut receive quite the heavy flurry once summer’s up. Not scraping the snow off the windshield can become a hazard, and is thus against the law for the sake of everyone’s safety on the road. If you don’t, you may have to pay a five hundred dollar fine!

Weird Old State Laws #9: It’s Illegal to Drive Your Pet Around Without a Seatbelt in New Jersey

Weird Old State Laws can get quite wacky, but this pet law is reasonable. In New Jersey, the law forbidden you from driving around with your pooch unless they are securely bucked in. This also protects you along with other drivers on the road. If you happen to get into an accident, you can always call an auto accident lawyer to settle your claim.

Weird Old State Laws #10: Derby, Kansas Has Made it Illegal to Make Your Tires Squeal

Burning rubber is actually illegal in this part of Kansas. Need further explanation? The city has outlawed this loud screech, and you could risk spending thirty days in jail or paying a hefty three hundred dollar fine.

Weird Old State Laws #11: It’s Illegal to Drive With a Gorilla Riding Shotgun in Massachusetts

Fact or fiction? Should you leave your pet gorilla at home, the next time you want to go for a ride down the interstate?

Well, this is one of those Weird Old State Laws that is false!

Weird Old State Laws # 12: Driving Without Your Brights on Can Result in a Fine

Speaking of Massachusettes, it’s also illegal to drive in the snow, rain or fog, without your headlights on. Not only are you a danger to yourself, but you’re also putting other drivers at risk. The fine for breaking this law isn’t too steep. It’s just worth some pocket change, but it can cause your insurance to go up, so if you’re a citizen living in this area, make sure to have those brights on every time a storm hits. If you crash during a storm, call a truck transport company to ensure you make it home safely.

Weird Old State Laws #12 Women Can’t Drive With Housecoats On

Imagine if we had to get dressed to the nines every time we wanted to go out. This is another one of those Weird Old State Laws that is false.

Feel free to wear your nicest clothes when hopping into your car, or even a pair of sweats. You’re not breaking any laws, thank goodness!

Weird Old State Laws #13: No One Can Feed Pigs Garbage Without a Permit in Arizona

While we have discussed laws pertaining to dogs, this one pertains to pigs. This is another wacky but true law. People must seek the proper paperwork if they are to use their pigs as garbage disposals.

Weird Old State Laws #14: It’s Illegal to Drive With an Uncaged Bear in Missouri

Not only is this another dangerous predicament, but it’s also false. Much like a gorilla, bears are hard to come by in the city. Not to mention the changes of it squeezing into your minivan are slim to nothing. Instead, save that family trip for your human relatives instead. If guardianship is an issue, contact a family law attorney to get your life back on track.

Weird Old State Laws #15: Georgia Protects Families Who Make a Living off of Llama Based Activities

Whether a family in Georgia is running a petting zoo, or they want to make money off of llama rides, they are protected and not liable if anything happens to their guests while riding or spending time near one of the llamas. They are even protected against death!

This law is true, so watch out for the llamas the next time you’re at a petting zoo in Georgia.

Weird Old State Laws #16: It is Illegal to Sell Liquor by the Glass in 25 Counties in Kansas

It seems like Kansas is quite a dry state. You’re better off serving your favorite drinks at home because this law is in fact true! And quite the hard pill to swallow for some folks living in the area.

Weird Old State Laws #17: It’s Illegal to Catch a Greased up Pig

While this may sound odd at first, it used to be a way for people to gamble. If you wish to press your luck, perhaps betting on a greased pig may not be the best way to do so.

Weird Old state Laws #18: It’s Illegal to Mutilate a Rock in a State Park in Chicago

The Winy City has enacted this real law as a way to preserve their parks. While it sounds odd on paper, this is a great way for them to keep their gorgeous parks looking stunning for many years o come!

Weird Old State Laws #19: It’s Illegal for a Barber to Hum While Cutting Hair

This law seems quite unfair. After all, humming isn’t a huge distraction. It makes you wonder why this law was enacted in the first place? Did humming lead to a botched haircut or one too many nips of the skin? Perhaps we may never know. This only applies to Connecticut, so barbers everywhere else are free to hum to their heart’s content.

Weird Old State Laws #20 Delaware Prohibits Serving Drinks Where There Will Be Dancing

This is another dramatic nightclub rule you’re bound to find fascinating. It’s also quite true, so make sure you’re not too much for a party animal when driving through Delaware. This weird law may lead to some serious disappointment.

Weird State Laws # 21: In Georgia, No One May Carry an Ice Cream Cone in Their Back Pocket if it’s Sunday

This weird law has made its way through every internet forum. It always leaves the reader in confusion! This is also perhaps one of their weirdest yet true laws on this list. It makes you wonder what the circumstances were when this law was enacted? Do the people of Georgia abide by this law? Will it ever be abolished?

Weird Old State Laws #22: It’s Illegal to Drive With Your Child on the Roof of Your Car

Closing off this list of weird old state laws you’ve never heard of, we have this gem. This one, although pretty obvious, is a true and real law in Oregon. Children are not allowed to be roped to the roof — or the fender either. They should be riding in a car seat until they are of age. When reaching those tween and teen years, they can sit up front with you. But never on the hood or top of your car!

Closing Words on the Weird Old State Laws Around the Nation

Yes, while laws are meant to protect the citizens of the world, there are some out there that are frankly, too bizarre to be genuine. Do you know when someone says that stranger things have happened? Well, some of these Weird Old State Laws are prime examples, as they are wacky and 100% true! Those that are too bizarre are definitely either too ridiculous, unjust, or hard to enforce.

However, for those laws that rang true, familiarize yourself with them and make sure to follow them the next time you’re driving through a new town. For example. never drive with a gorilla OR a gator. And whatever you do, DON’T leave an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Especially if it’s Sunday! Or you’ll pay the price.