3 Common Personal Injury Lawsuits That Can Happen to You

Getting hurt is an awful thing. Whether the accident occurred with or without malicious intent, the injuries will lead to expensive medical costs, job loss, and emotional distress. When hurt, understand what type of personal compensation you and your lawyer will file in court. The common type of personal injury case is auto accident injuries. If you experienced car accident injuries and were not at fault, you are entitled to compensation for injuries. The injury lawyers will get the medical documentation, insurance information, and a police report detailing what caused the accident.

Another cause of personal injury is medical malpractice. If a medical practitioner causes injuries due to inappropriate treatment or negligence, you must find an attorney for personal injuries and file a claim. The lawyer will prove that the doctor inappropriately handled the patient. In addition, if defective products or slipping on private or public property causes injuries, you are entitled to compensation. However, when looking for a lawyer, research and find the best personal injury firms with a good record. Get recommendations from family or friends and check online reviews. You can check information online on how to choose the right personal injury lawyer, which increases the chances of rightful compensation.

Getting hurt is never a fun experience. Most of the time it’s an accident with no malicious intent, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can lead to expensive medical costs, loss of work time, and even emotional distress. Every person has the right to be safe and secure in their own bodies, which is why there is such thing as personal injury lawsuits. Injuries lawyers are those that spend all or most of their time working on cases involving harm done to a person and while a whopping 96% or so get settled outside of court, they’re a very important aspect to society. Here are three cases in which many personal injury lawsuits stem from.

1.) Slips and Falls: Slips, trips, and falls are probably the most common cause of accidental injury. In fact, 15% of accidental deaths are the direct result of a trip/fall. That’s second only to motor vehicle accidents. They are similarly prevalent in the healthcare industry as well with 60% of nursing home residents experiencing one every year. In total, falls account for 21.3% (over 8 million) of emergency room visits making them the leader in that category.

2.) Vehicle Accidents: Many personal injury claims stem from car accidents as well. An attorney for personal injury will come across a lot of these types of cases while in practice. In 2013 alone 4,668 people were killed just in motorcycle accidents. Overall, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in some way that year. While you can’t bring a personal injury lawsuit if you’re dead, a family member can seek legal restitution.

3.) Workers Compensation: The one good thing about getting hurt while on the job is that it is almost guaranteed to be covered by workers compensation. In these cases legal action is rarely required as most employers will do the right thing and pay you for the time missed. Sometimes they will fight it though depending on whether or not they believe the injury was caused at work. If this happens to you it’s time to find a good lawyer and file a personal injury lawsuit for the workers compensation benefits you deserve.

Personal injury can come in many forms and levels of severity. These are just a few of the common instances. Be sure to seek legal help if you’re ever involved in a situation resulting in bodily harm.

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