3 Of The Worst Lawyers Of All Time

Criminal lawyer

Sometimes, legal issues pop up out of nowhere. Not everyone can predict when they’ll need an attorney, but everyone hopes that they don’t end up with a bad one. Here are some of the worst attorneys in history, and if any of them have a resemblance to your current attorney, make sure you seek out new legal advice entirely!

Thank you for your time – Divorce lawyer Thomas Lowe was involved in a steamy seven month affair with one of his clients, while being married himself. But if that wasn’t sleazy enough, after they stopped sleeping together, Lowe charged his mistress for her time with him. He billed her for every time they were together, disguising the intent of the bill with cover-up words like “meetings.”

Not sorry for your loss – After four little girls were orphaned by a car accident, their lawyer, John Milton Merritt, sued the automobile manufacturer and the maker of the tires, earning them a small fortune. Which he then decided to steal. He was later found to have been stealing large amounts of money from many of his clients, in amounts up to $3 million. Talk about a class act.

Just sign here, if you could – Joseph Caramadre, an estate planner, blatantly exploited the legal rights of terminally ill patients. He would offer them a chunk of money up front (to the tune of $2000) in exchange for their signature and other personal identification information. He would then use this information to capitalize off of the death benefits of the ill, collecting a total of $46 million over the years.

Don’t let your legal representation take you for a ride. You should find an attorney that works for your needs, and has a reputation that won’t land you in hot water. Check out what kind of options you have for legal representatives today.

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