Strange Divorce Stories That Show The Ugly Side of Marriage

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If you’re in the middle of the divorce process, you’re probably under enough stress. The divorce lawyers can only do so much to help, sometimes you just have to give yourself a break! So kick back and enjoy some of the most absurd divorce stories of all time, and be grateful that your divorce lawyer probably doesn’t have to juggle your case with ones like these.

I’ll take half – A Cambodian husband and wife began the divorce process after 18 years of marriage when the man found out his wife had been sleeping with the town’s police officer. They decided to divide their assets equally by literally cutting their house in half. As in, a team of people came with saws and cut the house right down the middle and then carried it away. If you want some sound divorce advice, it is as follows: don’t cut your house in half.

Doesn’t count now – After nearly 26 years of marriage, a woman tried to file a divorce against her husband, but he wouldn’t let her. He claimed that a divorce was irrelevant, because 3 years earlier, his heart had stopped, leaving him legally dead for a short time. The man claimed that event counted as the “death” in the “til death do we part,” making their marriage void and eliminating the need for a divorce attorney.

Nice update – Emma Brady had no idea that her husband Neil wanted a divorce. That is, until she logged on to Facebook and realized he had changed his relationship status to “single.” He claimed that it was the easiest way to initiate the conversation with the Mrs. about how the relationship had lost its spark. The two remained married for a bizarrely long time after the incident, which continues to live in infamy on the internet.

So if you’ve been spending most of your days with a divorce lawyer, don’t fret. It could always be much, much worse!

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