3 Reasons to Hire a Construction Lawyer

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People often enjoy the increased freedom that comes from working in the construction field. Unfortunately, construction workers don’t typically have company appointed lawyers. Many people in the construction field often work as freelancers. Many in the construction industry ask themselves when do I need a construction attorney? You’ll find a construction lawyer is a perfect aid to have while involved in a workplace issue. Here are three situations where it’s best to have a construction lawyer on your side.

  1. You’re Involved in a Workplace Dispute

    It’s important to contact a construction law firm after a dispute begins in the workplace. Legal disputes can often become confusing for those not specializing in the field of law. You’ll find that a construction lawyer will help ensure your side of the story is presented. It’s understandable for construction company owners to wonder ask when do I need a construction attorney. You’ll find that a construction attorney is beneficial for both employees and workers. Both parties tend to prefer the faster resolve commonly seen with utilizing arbitration over litigation.
  2. Injury Occurs While at Work

    Many advances have helped to keep construction workers safer than ever before. Unfortunately, there is always an element of risk at any construction site. An injured worker can often mean a company needs to pay out a large settlement. A construction attorney will help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve while recovering from a workplace injury.
  3. Breach of Contract Takes Place

    A contract is a binding document that must be followed. If you feel a breach of contract has occurred, you need to contact a lawyer. Statistics collected by the Bureau of Justice found that breach of contract cases make up for 33% of all civil cases filed in state courts. In the state of Texas, a breach of contract claim has to be filed within four years unless otherwise specified. A lawyer will help ensure any breach of contract claims are filed in a timely manner. The last thing a contractor wants to do is wait too long and have their case thrown out.

In closing, there are several situations where you’ll ask yourself when do I need a construction attorney? A workplace dispute is a serious matter that can quickly grow out of hand. It’s wise to contact a lawyer when involved in a workplace dispute, especially if it has changed your work status. A construction lawyer will be helpful in gathering information pertaining to personal injury matters. If a breach of contract has taken place, a lawyer will help ensure these matters are resolved in a timely manner. It’s imperative that any contractor involved in a workplace matter contact a construction lawyer.

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