4 Things to Expect When Hiring a Lawyer

Prison abuse attorney

If you have been the victim of excessive force or a workers comp did you ration for even a car accident you may need a civil rights lawyer depending on the situation. Sometimes personal injury attorneys will work as well but you want to find someone that specializes in the field of your claim. For example, if you feel like you’ve witnessed a police misconduct and your rights or someone else’s rights were violated a civil rights lawyer will have experience and expertise in that field already. This will save you a lot of time because extra research will not be necessary and the civil rights lawyer would know what to do to expedite the process. This will equate out to save money, especially if you are paying the lawyer by the hour. Here are a few things that you can expect when hiring a lawyer.

You still need to be involved.
You can’t expect to hire a lawyer and then sit back and do nothing. The best way to win your case is to be an active part. This means doing with the lawyer tells you to whether it be getting medical transcripts or attending depositions. Your lawyer is not going to give you work that doesn’t matter, especially if they are working for a contingency fee. Make sure that you are in constant contact with your lawyer and doing everything you can to help your case. At times there maybe lulls but as long as you were in communication with your lawyer then you can be of assistance when necessary.

There are different ways to pay.
You can pay a lawyer by the hour, you can pay them through a contingency fee or you can request pro bono. Lawyers have a specific amount of work that needs to be done pro bono, which means for free, because the specifications for this are very strict and it’s difficult to come across something like that. Paying a lawyer by the hour or the work may work out well for you if the case doesn’t drag on, but if it does, lawyer fees can get very expensive. If you don’t have any out of pocket money to pay, then you might be better off finding a civil rights lawyer that will work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they will only get paid if they win your case. Then they’ll take a percentage of your winnings as payment.

Lawsuits do not happen like the do in the movies.
You are not going to be sitting in a settlement meeting where the other party rejects your terms and your lawyer becomes far to personally involved and snaps their folder shut and says, “Then we’ll see you in court.” In reality, only 4% of personal injury cases go to court. Most are settled in mediation. You may not ever go to trial. If lawyers can stay out of a trial they will because there is no guarantee that the client will get as much as they were offered in the settlement meeting. Of course, if the settlement offer is offensive and ridiculous then they might advise you to fight this in court but otherwise, they might tell you that you should accept the offer and it’ll all be over.

You’ll need to trust your lawyer.
Remember that the lawyer went to law school and not you. During your initial interview or first consultation, ask all the questions that you can think of so that when the tough times come, and they will, you can hold on to the foundation that you built when you first decided to hire that particular lawyer. Fighting for your cause is important and you really need a lawyer that can stand by you. When you are looking for a lawyer, make sure that you ask pertinent and sometimes tough questions and listen to your gut. There needs to be mutual trust between a client and an attorney if you want your best chance at winning. You need to believe in your lawyer and they need to believe in you. If that’s can’t happen then there is a good chance that you will not win your case, especially if it does go to trial.

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