Inured in a Car Accident? You May Be Able to Sue the Other Driver

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Have you been injured in a car accident? More than 32,600 people will killed in car accidents in 2014 and nearly 33,000 were injured, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That is about 90 people killed every day on American roads. During the day, there are about 660,000 people on the road who are driving while texting, playing with mobile devices or their sound system or engaging in other activities that take their attention away from driving. This triples the chances they will be in a crash. If you have been in a car crash and feel you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence, you may be helped by talking to a car accident lawyer. Here are some things you need to do if you have been in an accident like this.

  1. Seek medical assistance. If you have been hurt, you need to get medical treatment as soon as you can. If you do end up talking to a car accident or truck accident lawyer, they will need the records from all the medical people who have treated your injuries. This documentation is crucial to any kind of case that requires the services of a personal injury lawyer. You also do not want the court to get the idea that you did not seek out care because you wanted your injuries to appear to be worse to get a higher settlement.
  2. Get as much documentation from you accident as you can. Take pictures. If the police were involved, get their report. Ask witnesses to write down what they saw. If there is any video available, you should try to get that. If someone was in the car with you, get their account of what happened. Keep copies of any bills or receipts you have for repairs or anything else related to the accident. Do you need to take a taxi or Uber ride to your medical appointments? Keep the receipts for all of this.
  3. Find a car accident lawyer. Like medical doctors, attorneys specialize. You first to find a lawyer who handles your kind of case. You need a personal injury attorney who has handled a lot of motor vehicle accidents. You would not go to a pediatrician if you broke your leg, you cannot go to a lawyer who handles criminal defense when you really need a car accident lawyer.
  4. Talk to a car accident lawyer. So you have found some lawyers who handle car accidents, go in and talk to them about your case. Bring all of your documentation. They can go through your case and let you know if you should initiate a lawsuit. Some people believe that personal injury attorneys like to encourage people to sue and the merits of their case do not matter but this is not at all true. Many car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis so they do not get their fee unless they win. It is not in their best interest to take on cases they do not think will win.
  5. Decide if you want to sue. Many car accident cases are just handled through the insurance company but that may not provide you with enough to get the medical treatment that you need and take care of all of the damage done to your vehicle. When you are calculating what you need, remember to factor in your lost wages and monetary damages to cover your pain and suffering. When you meet with a car accident lawyer.
  6. Do this all as soon as you can. There is a limited amount of time that is given to people who want to sue for a car accident. It may be hard to focus on a lawsuit early on. This is especially true if you are in the hospital but it is important to talk to a car accident lawyer as soon as you can to make sure you get everything you need and deserve to recover and get your life back in order after a car accident.

It can be very stressful to have to deal with the aftermath of a crash, a car accident lawyer can help.

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