5 Mistakes People Make After Being Pulled Over

Many people are arrested each year for drug charges. In fact, statistics gathered from 2016 found that 1,572,579 arrests took place throughout the United States for drug law violations. Of these arrests, 84.7% were for possession of a controlled substance. Considering that, it’s important that you’re able to avoid making mistakes that many people make once they’ve been pulled over. With that in mind, here are five mistakes people commonly make after being pulled over with drugs in your car.

  • Trying to Escape

    If you’ve seen television shows involving police, you probably realize how running turns out. Without a doubt, trying to escape will add further charges after you’re caught. An officer might never ask to search your car while you’re being polite. However, it will likely happen if you’re trying to outrun the police.
  • Reaching Around the Interior of Your Vehicle

    After you’ve pulled your vehicle over, it’s understandable to want to have the proper identification ready. However, an officer could understandably interpret you reach for ID as trying to get a weapon. If possible, keep all of your identification easily accessible. You don’t want to take the unnecessary risk of startling a police officer. To avoid this, turn off your vehicle and keep your hands in clear sight after being pulled over.
  • Being Rude to the Police

    Besides trying to escape, one of the biggest mistakes people make after being pulled over is acting rude. While it’s impossible to predict what happens after being pulled over, things will almost always get worse if you’re not polite. This can make police officers wonder why you’re being rude. Many people that have something to hide will be defensive, don’t be that person.
  • Talking Too Much

    There’s a fine line between being polite and potentially incriminating yourself. Many people feel understandable nerves from being pulled over and begin telling the officer everything. After admitting something to a police officer, there is no turning back. On the other hand, a driver that keeps quiet and remains polite might be able to go on their way.
  • Never Contacting a Criminal Defense Attorney

    As soon as you’re able to access a phone, contact a criminal defense attorney. In turn, you can have legal representation to help you prepare a defense against drug charges. While there is no guarantee your charges will be completely thrown out, this is better than representing yourself. For instance, a criminal defense attorney might be able to have you attend drug court rather than facing jail time.

In conclusion, there are many major mistakes someone can make after being pulled over. Of course, it’s always best if an officer lets you go on your way after pulling you over. Unfortunately, not all traffic stops go this smoothly. If you’re facing drug charges after being pulled over, contact a criminal defense attorney. This type of attorney will do everything possible to have you avoid criminal charges. In the state of Ohio, those with criminal charges face almost 900 obstacles that restrict employment, housing, and many other privileges. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take control of your future and contact a lawyer after dealing with the police.

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