7 Types of Personal Injury Claims You Could Sue For

A personal injury incident is one that falls under the categories of driving, workplace and construction accidents, nursing home abuse, malpractice, faulty product, or defamation. This determines which type of attorney would be best for your case. For example, a workers compensation attorney would be best for a workplace accident.

Personal injury is any injury to the human body or mind resulting from the action or inaction of another person. Individuals who claim such injuries are considered personal injury victims. You need a personal injury lawyer to file your compensation claim. Taking legal action through the court system following said injuries are referred to as accident case law. This process results in huge costs to the victims, including lost wages, medical expenses, and hospital bills.

An experienced and reputable workers compensation attorney is best placed to handle the legal requirements and fight for your right to be compensated for all of these damages and costs. Accident bodily injury claim compensation covers your pain, suffering, and financial losses incurred due to an accident.

Investing in an insurance cover can help to help minimize the stress of these unexpected, trying times. Consider researching the accident and injury group and consult your insurance provider.

Are you thinking about looking up personal injury law firms? Do you know that your cases would match a personal injury claim? If not, that’s ok. That’s what this post is here for. In this article, you’ll find 7 different scenarios and situations that could count as a personal injury claim. Read them and see if you’re situation looks similar. If so, it may be time to find an attorney.

  1. Driving Accidents
    The first scenario is a driving accident. Imagine driving down the highway and you see a car to your front right and a truck to your front left. You have to drive carefully because trucks have multiple blind spots. You decide to drive ahead and get in front of the truck but when you do the car to the side swerves off and hits you. This collision is an example of when you should call an auto accident attorney.
  2. Construction Accidents
    What if you’re walking along the sidewalk in a major metropolitan area? What if you happen to walk by a building being worked on? Then all of a sudden something falls out of the sky and hits you. It doesn’t have to be something fatal or large, but any accident caused by construction can count towards a personal injury claim.
  3. Malpractice
    In addition, if you’re doctor doesn’t do his or her job right you are liable to sue. For instance, if your wife is in labor and in excruciating pain. If that birth goes badly because of a doctor’s mistake, you can sue for the damages to you and your family. That is the law and your right.
  4. Nursing Home Abuse
    nursing home abuse is an example that works with the last one. Nursing home abuse can look like many different scenarios. This is mostly because elders in nursing homes are taken care of to great extents by the people who work in those homes. As such, they can also neglect the elders in many different ways. They could not feed the elders enough or give them proper nutrients. They could abandon helping the elders with bathroom functions or not keep the elders active enough. All of these count as nursing home abuse.
  5. Faulty Products
    Next, we have a situation where someone was hurt by a faulty product. For instance, there could be situations where an electric shaver is marketed as being an easy way for women to get rid of arm hair or lip hair. Then, when they try the product it actually ends up burning them. That would be a case in which the product user could call an attorney for damages because of this faulty product. There are many other examples out there in the world of fault products leading to court cases. This is just one example.
  6. Defamation
    Defamation is another term for Libel or Slander. You can sue for slander when someone says something about you that harms your reputation. In the same vein is libel where lies or rumors are spread through text. For instance, what if your town’s local newspapers were to say you had an affair when you didn’t? This could cause all kinds of complications in your life. If any form of libel later harmed your reputation it can count as an action that can lead to a court case. Both of these forms of defamation are personal injury cases.
  7. Workplace Accidents
    Accidents that aren’t your fault are also things that can be brought up in court. For instance, if you work at a retail store and a faulty ladder breaks under you. Or, some of the merchandise falls on you and hurts you. All of this could count as a personal injury claim from an accident that happened while at the workplace.

You deserve the get compensation for the pain that you feel. Everyone deserves that. That said, you have to know if the pain you went through can actually count as a personal injury case. Hopefully, this list has helped to clear up any confusion. If it did, and you do think your specific situation counts, then by all means look up a personal injury attorney today.

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