Knowing Your Rights What to Do if You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

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Many Americans hold a wrongfully simplistic view when it comes to criminal charges — this is typically due to individual emotions which all too often trump factual evidence. In reality there are an approximate 10,000 individuals in the United States that may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes on an annual basis. Since the year 1989 there have been over 300 convictions that have been overturned thanks to breakthrough innovations with the introduction of DNA evidence analysis. When tallied up, the number of years served in the United States correction system by innocent people is a staggering 3,944 years. If you or someone you know was charged for a crime that they did not commit, it is in your rights to contact a criminal defense attorney to ensure that no innocent person needs to spend the rest of their life behind bars.

Assault and Domestic Violence Defense

The criminal justice system has a fairly clear stance on the issue of domestic violence and assault — no matter whether the victimized party chooses to press charges or not it is in the interest of law enforcement officials to remove the accused in order to protect victims. Estimates suggest that one out of every four women will experience some form of domestic violence during her lifetime and other statistics show that over 3 million children will witness domestic violence in their homes every year. Evidence also suggests that children who live in homes where domestic violence is present are 30% to 60% more likely to suffer as victims of abuse or neglect themselves. Keeping in mind that evidence is not always equivalent to causality, there are a number of individuals who are wrongly accused of domestic violence and assault; the reasons can range drastically from a scorned lover looking for revenge to a simple misunderstanding that was reported to police by a third party. The likelihood of winning domestic violence cases lies heavily on the ability and knowledge of a domestic violence defense attorney.

Theft Defense

Theft is one of the most common crimes across the nation with an estimated 6,185,867 larceny thefts nationwide according to 2010 statistics — this accounts for an estimated 68.1% of property crimes for that year according the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI). The average value of property taken during such thefts averages out to $988 per offense, totaling up to over $6.1 billion back in 2010. Moreover, over a quarter of all larceny thefts were thefts from motor vehicles according to theft lawyers. There are an infinite number of ways that an individual can be accused of theft, but only one way out: hiring a professional theft lawyer for representation. Theft lawyers have worked with some of the most diverse cases, often achieving significantly shorter sentencing or total innocence in some case. If you or someone you know has been accused of theft, contact a theft lawyer to get the litigation you need.

Murder Defense

Murder is the most heinous of crimes and thus requires the highest level of legal representation. Although DNA and other forms of evidence have taken the field of criminal justice to more precise conclusions, without key witnesses detectives are often forced to go off of the evidence in order to catch a killer. Thanks to the growing popularity of television programs many Americans are aware that when a woman is murdered, for every two out of three cases the murderer is a family member or an intimate partner — police officials naturally start with these individuals when placing a suspect. The recent and controversial Netflix original series Making a Murderer shines light on the disturbing theme of a potentially innocent man serving a crime that he did not commit. When it comes to first degree murder charges, the defense is divided between two major categories: the first is where an individual is accused of the murder yet claims innocence; the second is where the defendant committed the killing but did not commit first degree murder which is defined as both willing and premeditated on the part of the defendant. Trust no one else but a murder attorney.

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