An Interview With a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Whether we like it or not, the law imposed by the status quo catches up with us. Situations in life arise that need us to approach someone else for help. Whether you are a college student, a carpenter, a Wall Street accountant, a security guard, or a housewife, there are laws that we are not aware of that govern how we engage in our respective operations.
Typically, civilians just tend to their private lives. They ignore the fact that some statutes and guidelines affect how people do things. Reality slaps them hard in the face when they get in a scenario that requires a law expert to be on their side…
If you are a business owner, and your financial advisor informs you that your business is in financial trouble and you need to file for bankruptcy.
This is where bankruptcy organizations come in handy. Or do you know a bankruptcy tax attorney, how they can help you with a bankruptcy strategy? Whether you want to know about chapter 7 lawyer or bankruptcy resources this article has you covered.

If you need to file bankruptcy, it’s great to have a good bankruptcy lawyer who can handle the entire process. If you can do some of your bankruptcy paperwork online, that can help you to get some of it out of the way faster and to make headway on the process. A helpful bankruptcy attorney also files the bankruptcy court documents with the court and takes care of most of the paperwork. She will also advise you about the next few steps to take after your bankruptcy has gone through.

Can I file a chapter 13 on my own? There are some instances where you can do this, but bankruptcy comes with a lot of highly complicated laws. It’s better to have an attorney who can handle this for you. They can answer the question fo can you file bankruptcy in a different state as well as answer the rest of your questions. If you are filing bankruptcy for disabled person, there may be even more complicated laws that surround this issue. Get an attorney who has a lot of experience with bankruptcies so that everything you need to do is taken care of the right way the first time.

The Enos Law Firm, comprised of Greg Enos and Christina Tillinger, deals with family law cases and has been supporting the Houston and Galveston, Texas communities since 1996. Greg Enos took some time to talk with us about The Enos Law Firm and his experience so far.

Greg, can you share with us a few specifics about what The Enos Law Firm does?

The Enos Law Firm has been around since January 4th, 1996. Currently, we only accept family law cases. The Enos Law Firm, P.C. helps families in and around Houston, Texas and Galveston, Texas through divorce, child custody, adoptions, and other family matters.

That sounds like a line of work that could be simultaneously very challenging and very rewarding. What’s been your greatest success so far?

Every success story we have begins with winning custody for one of our well deserving clients.

It sounds like you’ve been able to really help a large number of your clients. How do you see that helping you grow in the future?

We are constantly growing and receiving more clients all the time. Hopefully, our business will be able to expand and have the ability to hire more attorneys to help the growing caseload.

Has technology helped you to manage that growth or helped you in other ways?

It has provided us with various marketing opportunities that we would not otherwise have. It has helped potential clients find out more about us before calling for a consult.


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