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On the morning you received the phone call from school you feared that it was another call about your oldest son being tardy or truant. You never imagined that it would be so much worse. On this, the last week of school, you received a call from the school principal saying that you would need to come to school and pick up your son. He was at school, but his third hour teacher had called security when she realized that your son was under the influence. He was, in fact, high.

This infraction resulted in a 19 day suspension, and since it was the end of the school year this meant that he would actually still be suspended the first two full weeks of class his senior year. What followed was a confusing mess of drug and alcohol related problems. From a driving while under the influence charge to complete lack of interest when he returned two weeks later than his friends for their senior year, your oldest son’s downward spiral was pretty crazy.

Nearly mirroring the problems your son was having, your family finances took a turn for the worst as well. You were not in a great position to start with, but the cost of the summer rehab program and two other lengthy stays in the hospital were more than your budget could handle. Not quite two years from the day you received the call to pick up your suspended son, you are working with a bankruptcy lawyer to see what options are available to you.
Bankruptcy Law Firms Offer Their Clients Information About Available Options

Whether you are trying to find debt relief after spending thousands of dollars on rehabilitation costs of a teen or you are looking for options that you may have after a business that you have started has failed, there are many times when contacting an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help. In most cases, even if you are limited to contacting a low cost bankruptcy attorney it is important to get the help that you need sooner rather than later.

Although there are plenty of times when a bankruptcy filing is the result of a series of poor business decision, there are also many occasions when bankruptcies can hit you unexpectedly. In fact, bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills affected an estimated 2 million people in the U.S. during the year 2013 alone. Although averages can vary from one state to the next, in Texas, Chapter 13 filing often costs less than $500 to begin a case. For many, this is a small price to pay to get out from under an insurmountable debt.

Bankruptcy lawyers often specialize in certain kinds of cases, so it is in your best interest to work with someone who has the kind of experience you are looking for.