Are You Kidding Me With These Lawsuits?

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When you’re involved in a lawsuit, whether it’s a brain injury settlement or a plea for compensation for bicycling injuries, you’re probably pretty stressed out. Dealing with accident and injury lawyers can take a lot out of you, so you deserve a break! Check out these frivolous and downright bizarre lawsuits that will make you giggle.

Help! A murderer! – While riding the NYC subway, a woman exited the train and climbed the stairs, only to find herself face-to-face with a known serial killer. Well, not a real killer, but a huge promotional photo of actor Michael C. Hall for the TV show “Dexter.” The ad was so menacing that she startled and fell down the stairs. She sued public transportation for their disregard of how creepy scary the ad was. Her personal injury lawyer probably had a hard time keeping a straight face on this one.

Catching fly balls or catching z’s? – Andrew Robert Rector decided to take a little snooze at a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, but when he did, was caught on ESPN’s feed of the game. Rector sued ESPN for $10 million, claiming the commentators said mean things about him while he was sleeping. The commentators said Rector had no proof of anything being said, and that it wasn’t in the recording of the game. Someone was probably just messing with him.

Uh, this was unrelated – After hiring a personal injury lawyer to defend his “serious, permanent, debilitating injuries,” Glenn Taylor celebrated his newly found disability by destroying a landmark that was over a million years old. He toppled the historic boulder from its base in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah, and even worse, was caught on film doing so. No amount of personal injury lawsuits can save him from a clear video of his lack of disabilities. What a schmuck!

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