Are You The Victim Of Malpractice Or Discrimination?

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Are you applying for social security or seeking out a personal injury attorney? Navigating the legal system can be difficult for the uninitiated, even as a large number of Americans apply for divorce, seek out a lawsuit or file for personal bankruptcy every year. If you or someone you love needs to contact a personal lawyer or learn more about their legal options, read below to familiarize yourself with common issues in America and the basics of applying for assistance. Finding the help you need is as simple as identifying the problem and seeking out the appropriate attorney or legal filing.

Disability Benefits

Social security benefits assist retired Americans and those with disabilities. The United States saw the implementation of the ADA law (Americans with Disabilities Act) back in 1990, ensuring that all businesses reasonably accommodate those with mental and physical disabilities. The average age of disabled-worker beneficiaries in 2014 was around 53 years old and over 80% of SSI recipients (Supplemental Security Income) have received payments because of a disability. When it comes to work-related injuries, over 80% of worker’s compensation claims were from slipping on slick floors.

Vehicle Crashes

It’s estimated over 3,000 people died in car crashes in 2013, with over 400,000 injured, due to distracted drivers and insufficiently maintained vehicles. At any given daylight moment throughout America over 600,000 drivers are either using cell phones or manipulating an electronic device while they’re driving, drastically increasing the likelihood of an accident. Driving under the influence is a rampant issue throughout the country, with hundreds of thousands of Americans routinely driving drunk but less than a third being arrested for it.

Finding An Attorney

Whether you have been arrested for a DUI or are seeking a disability claim, you need to find the right lawyer to help you. A personal injury attorney specializes in handling work-related injuries and accidents, while a bankruptcy lawyer should be contacted if your home situation or business is at risk of failing. Seeking out legal advice is key to making sure you are properly compensated if you are the victim of an accident or malpractice. Who will you contact today?

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