Begin the Process With Military Divorce Lawyers in San Antonio

When one or both partners in a marriage are in the military, it is not unusual to experience a variety of issues. In some cases, couples are able to resolve these issues by themselves or through counseling. In other situations, however, divorce appears to be the best or only option.

The Prevalence of Divorce

On average, marriages tend to last about eight years. Women tend to be 25 when they marry for the first time, while men tend to be 28. Even though overall military divorce rates do vary, they are approximately 12.5% for individuals deployed in the U.S. Navy.

Child Custody and Divorce

Divorce obviously has an effect on children. Recent data indicates that this is the case with about 50% of children within the United States. It’s been estimated that 75% of these children live with their mother rather than their father. There are a variety of factors that will determine which parent has custody. In many instances, this may be due to their father’s deployment.

Schedule a Consultation With a San Antonio Military Divorce Attorney

If you’re stationed in or close to San Antonio, Texas, and are interested in becoming divorced, there are Texas military lawyers available. When you consult with military divorce attorneys San Antonio, you will be able to learn more about what’s involved with the overall process. Military divorce San Antonio will provide you with other valuable resources as well as assist you with completing paperwork and filing for divorce.

When you have children, for example, your attorney will be able to inform you about custody and visitation rights. It’s important to note that custody agreements usually take place out of court. This is the case with approximately 91% of these agreements, which does streamline the process.

Your military divorce lawyers San Antonio will also inform you as to the appropriate amount of child support to pay. In some instances, you may be required to pay spousal support. Since military divorce lawyers San Antonio have experience in this specific area of the law, they will be able to explain the nuances of your rights as well as your responsibilities.