Divorce Why You Need An Attorney On Your Side

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Choosing to divorce your spouse is a difficult decision for anyone; and due to the stigma that still, unfortunately, accompanies divorce in the United States, you may feel some shame about your choice. However, know that you shouldn?t and that divorce is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, with at least two divorces occurring each minute in the U.S. Whatever you reasons for choosing divorce, know that they?re valid and that you have the right to this choice. But before going ahead with your divorce, you should get in touch with divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers make the process much smoother, especially for women ? and especially when children are involved.

How Long Does The Process Take?

It?s understandable that you?ll want to get your divorce over and done with as soon as possible. However, this is an important and permanent legal proceeding. Additionally, a responsible divorce attorney will likely recommend certain steps before these proceedings begin, such as a divorce consultation. If your divorce is not amicable, expect it to take longer, especially if your marriage has a history of abuse and you require a restraining order. Some couples choose to go through mediation do decide upon things like custody and the distribution of assets. That being said, not every divorce law firm recommends mediation, with a 2011 study revealing that only 11% of custody cases were decided during mediation, with as few as 5% decided after court-ordered custody evaluations. The finalization of a divorce, no matter what your divorce lawyers do, could take anywhere from six weeks to 12 months.

Considering Custody: How An Attorney Can Help You

Let?s return to the topic of custody ? arguably the most important issue for any divorcing couple with children. Although it?s ideal to keep custody agreements as fair and neutral as possible, if you feel that you as a parent are being treated unfairly by your co-parent, you need to know that there are divorce attorneys for custody. Divorce cases in which custody is a heated subject tend to be difficult to navigate. Factors to consider are child support, time with the children, and living arrangements. It?s estimated that 25% of children of support moved with their custodial mother away from their father at some point in their childhood. It?s important to remember that what works for some might not work your family, and to pay attention to your children?s specific needs.

Moving On From Divorce

Whether or not you have children with your former partner, you should know that your divorce doesn?t have to define your life. It?s less likely to have a long-term financial and personal effect upon you if you?re willing to explore options like working with a divorce lawyer. This is a major transition in your life, and of course not everything will go perfectly smoothly. But with the proper legal representation, you can expect this to change your life for the better.

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