Do I Qualify for VA Disability Benefits? and Other FAQs for Veterans

Veterans disability calculator

If you are a veteran whose disability or illness was caused or made worse by your service, you are oftentimes entitled to receive compensation from the Veterans’ Association. In order to receive benefits, you need to file a disability claim. But if you’re overwhelmed by the idea — or aren’t even sure if you qualify for compensation — read this list of frequently asked questions:

  • What is disability compensation?
    It’s a tax-free, monthly benefit given to veterans who are at least 10% disabled as a result of an injury or illness that was sustained or made worse while on active duty or in training (either active or inactive). Since 28% of disabled veterans say that their conditions kept them from obtaining or keeping a job, receiving this compensation can be vital for many veterans.
  • Do I qualify for veterans disability claims?
    As long as you were not discharged dishonorably, served under the conditions laid out above, and can provide medical evidence of a current mental or physical disability and its connection to your service, you will typically qualify. You may want to use a veterans disability calculator in order to see if your condition is covered.
  • How do I know the amount I will receive?
    Many veterans opt to use a veterans disability calculator in order to determine their veterans disability ratings and estimate how much their monthly benefit will be. The amount of compensation you receive is dependent upon how serious your disability is and how much it has an effect on your ability to work and earn money. If your disability percentage is 30% or more and you have dependents, you’ll be entitled to a larger payment every month. Using a VA disability calculator online can give you a good idea of what your benefit will be, but once your records are reviewed by the VA and receive an examination, a final determination can be made.
  • What are some examples of conditions that are covered?
    Aside from physical injuries you may have sustained while in combat or training, you might be surprised to learn about the variety of debilitating diseases that are often covered by a veterans disability claim. Depression, PTSD, vision and hearing loss, disfigurement, and exposure to dangerous chemicals are just some of the conditions that will grant you monthly benefits. If you use a veterans disability calculator, you can plug in your ailments and receive your percentage ranking for potential coverage.

If you served our country and your mental or physical health has suffered as a result, there are ways to seek help. Contact an accredited representative or apply online using eBenefits to receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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