The Steps to Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

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Looking for a car accident lawyer is not how most people would like to be spending their day. Unfortunately, however, it sometimes becomes a necessity. There are times, too, when the need for an auto accident lawyer turns into the need for a personal injury attorney because of injuries sustained as a result of an accident. When injuries are severe, the victim or victims are wise to engage an attorney who is experienced with these types of lawsuits. This kind of attorney will know what questions to ask, as well as how to expertly walk their client through the process of trying to regain back some of the money they may have lost due to unpaid time lost at work because of an accident. A car accident lawyer can very often handle subsequent legal issues that may accompany any accident. Many will offer a free consultation to begin with, which will give the client an opportunity to ask questions that may influence his or her decision to go with that lawyer, or to decide to continue shopping around. The best thing for clients to do when preparing for their first consultation appointment would be to bring a list of questions with them so that they will be able to assess exactly what they can expect from working with that particular attorney.

Interestingly, four to five percent of cases in the U.S. that are personal injury case are not always cut and dry. This is the percentage of cases that will actually go to trial. A car accident attorney or a personal injury attorney will provide guidance for the victim or victims of the accident, and will build a case upon his or her confidence that they will win. The lawyer’s job is to win the case for the client. The number of people who won personal injury cases resulting from any kind of an accident soared beyond 64 million in 2014 alone. These people became recipients of benefits offered by Social Security because of the severity of their injuries. In many cases the injuries have caused permanent disabilities which are usually accompanied by ongoing medical treatment at skyrocketing costs.

Not all injuries and lawsuits are the result of traffic accidents. A great number of accidents in the work place are caused by wet floors. Workers compensation has paid out 85% of claims to employees who have been injured by slipping and falling on a wet floor. Naturally, these cases are not handled by a car accident lawyer. Usually a disability attorney will be the type of attorney needed to speak to the medical professionals who take care of the client. A disability attorney will request the medical records needed to help build the case. The attorney will submit these records to Social Security when the time is appropriate, usually at some point before the hearing. Although nearly 96% of personal injury cases are settled out of court, it is still necessary to retain an attorney in order to ensure that a fair settlement is met.

In order for the chosen attorney to put together an honest and credible case, he or she will need to ask the client questions that will need to be answered even if the client is ashamed of their answers. These answers are the building blocks upon which the lawyer will build the case on the client’s behalf. The questions are necessary and will be used to strengthen the arguments that the attorney needs to present in order to procure the best outcome for the client.

In the event of an auto accident, the first step that a client will usually take will be to search for a car accident lawyer. Once the lawyer is retained, subsequent discussions will include whether or not it will be necessary to file additional claims to Social Security and Worker’s Compensation as a result of loss of income due to injuries sustained.

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