Facing a DUI Charge? Don’t Hesitate to Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Ohio criminal defense attorney

Are you in need of a criminal defense attorney? Perhaps you have been involved in a car accident, or have been pulled over for a DUI? Maybe you are a physician being sued for medical malpractice? Whatever the reason may be, it is important for you to find a good lawyer that can defend you to the best of their ability. Below are three of the most common criminal defense cases that occur today:

1. DUI – Driving Under the Influence, otherwise known as DUI is one of the most common charges that lead people to hiring a criminal defense attorney. State DUI laws vary, but criminal defense lawyers often employ the same tactics such as analyzing police officer videos, contacting any witnesses who were at the scene, and challenge breathalyzer test results. Each of these tactics could result in you receiving a lesser sentence. Without proper representation, a DUI charge will be on your criminal record which affects future employment prospects, ability to obtain loans, and other future opportunities. That is just one reason to hire a DUI attorney.

2. Personal Injury – Personal injury cases are also highly likely to result in someone needing a criminal defense attorney because there is usually someone at fault. For instance, if you were at fault in a car accident that injured or killed another person, then it would be in your best benefit to hire criminal defense firms. Again, they can use their expertise to lessen any sentence that you could potentially face, whether it be something as light as community service or as severe as jail time.

3. Medical Malpractice – Hospitals and private practices typically have attorneys on retainer for criminal defense cases that result from medical malpractice. Essentially, if something happens to a person during or because of a medical procedure they had then they could have the right to sue the physician who performed that procedure. In essence, the physician in this case would be the “criminal” who needed criminal defense firms.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney if you are facing any of the three issues above, is a smart thing to do. The reason? They are the experts! For instance, a DUI attorney knows to make sure that breathalyzer tests, blood tests and urine tests were properly administered by the officer at the time of the incident, otherwise they may be inadmissible in court. That is not necessarily something that someone who had not studied the DUI laws of that state would know. Find criminal defense firms in your area who know the law and can defend you in the best possible way. You’ll be glad you did.

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