Five Helpful Legal Websites

Legal help forum

There are lots of legal issues that individuals might have to deal with in their lives. Unfortunately, few people have the education and experience needed to take the proper steps to overcome legal problems on their own. While some are fortunate enough to be able to afford a skilled lawyer, others will want to find online legal help at no cost. While there are lots of websites that provide legal videos and free legal counsel, some are better than others.

1. LawInfo

No matter what type of issue someone might dealing with, they should consider checking out the LawInfo website. It features more than 100,000 forms that can be accessed and looked over. Plus, its FAQ section has over 24,000 questions, making it a great place for individuals to find legal help.


While many sites that provide free legal help online are better for research than anything else, LawFiles allows users to actually contact attorneys. In addition to having lots of informative articles and answers to previously asked questions, it allows individuals to confidentially submit their own to real lawyers. Making it perfect for anyone in a unique situation.

3. LawGuru

LawGuru also allows users to submit questions to real attorneys, but offers different paid and free options. By paying to submit a question, individuals will be able to choose the lawyer who answers their question. This could allow someone to find a lawyer who has the right background for a specific issue.

4. The Law

By visiting The Law, individuals will be able to browse through all kinds of legal information. They will find FAQs, articles, and past legal discussions. And, they can scan previous conversations that could contain valuable insights and information, making The Law one of the best places to get free legal help online. And, if someone can afford a lawyer, they can search for the right one as well.

5. FreeAdvice

Like other sites, FreeAdvice provides lots of information and allows users to search for specific topics. However, the area that sets it apart is its massive forum. There are thousands of posts and threads already in place, and individuals can start a new one to ask a question to the community there. Getting advice from other users, in some cases, could be just as effective as any that a lawyer provides.

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