Four Steps to Take After Being Involved in an Auto Accident

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The roads looked clear when you got into your car. You drove the short drive to work and decided at the last minute to turn off into the gas station. You hit the brakes and kept sliding, eventually sliding into the car in front of you. After the initial thud, everything is silent and you are left wondering what to do. The next actions you take are important for your safety, the other driver?s safety, and the entire legal claims process. If you are wondering what to do after a car accident occurs, keep these tips in mind.

Check you and your passenger?s safety

The absolute first thing you need to do immediately following an auto accident is to check the safety of yourself and the passengers in your vehicle. Is anyone in any pain? If anyone experienced any injury or pain, immediately call for medical help. Don?t move them, unless your vehicle is in a dangerous place. It can be helpful to keep lights in the car in the event of an auto accident. If the accident occurs in the dark, you can notify other driver?s that you are stopped there.

Check the other vehicle?s safety

Once you have checked on the safety of everyone in your vehicle, you will want to check the safety of the other vehicle. However, do not get out of your vehicle if it is dangerous to do so. If you are in the middle of traffic or it is dark, call for help instead. Do not move any passengers in the other vehicle, simply ask them if they are okay and if they need any medical help. If you worsen their condition, even if you are attempting to help them, you could later be sued by a personal injury lawyer. Approximately 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads. Make sure you know how to handle auto related medical emergencies.

Call the police

If you have observed that everyone is safe, it is time to call the police. You will want to file a police report. You will also want to begin thinking about hiring a lawyer. If the other person sues you, you could be liable for damages, medical costs, and any other related fees. These expenses could even go beyond what your insurance provider covers. If you are wondering what to do after a car accident, call the police and then your attorney. Do I need a car accident lawyer? The answer is, it depends. But, it is best to have an attorney in the event that you do.

Find an auto attorney

Distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives in 2015 alone. If you were texting and driving or even if you were suspected of doing so, you could face legal charges. What to do after a car accident? Evaluate everyone?s safety and then focus on protecting yourself by finding a lawyer. There are many law firms that handle auto accidents, so having a preferred accident lawyer ahead of time can be helpful for these time sensitive situations. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the most common personal injury cases include motor vehicle accidents (52%), medical malpractice (15%), and product liability (5%). With auto accidents being so common, you will have many auto accident attorneys to choose from.

Auto accidents occur every single day. Yet, many people do not know what to do after a car accident. Making even one mistake can cost you thousands, as well as leave you with a permanently damaged driving record. Before you are exposed to an auto accident, make sure you know what steps to take, and what steps not t

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